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    Haven't experienced any issues myself but do have a feature request.. can you add the option to add an item to the list via the item ID on the command line? e.g. "/farmit additem ItemID# #S #C " with #S being the slot to add the item to and #C being the amount to collect. Or just keep it simple and "/farmit additem ItemID#". If this is already an option I apologize as I haven't seen it listed.

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    Currently when you have a toy bobber in use already if you try to enable the 'Oversized Bobber' in config it will get stuck trying to cast the oversized bobber. it does detect there's another bobber in place but it won't get past it and allow you to fish; just tries casting OB over and over. I was hoping by selecting the OB it would add it to the random choices along with the toy bobbers.  Any chance to tweak the logic to at least have it either stop trying or to dispel the current bobber in place so it can cast OB? Just something so it doesn't get stuck.

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    Along these lines, is it just me or is it really hard to find the anchor of the fish watcher so you can move it around? Sometimes I get lucky with it, sometimes no matter how hard I try I can't get it.


    Also an option to have it expand up or down would be nice. I'm honestly not sure which way it goes now but I think it's up? More configuration of what information is displayed would be nifty too. :) I'm probably missing the explanation somewhere, but some of the numbers confuse me as to their meaning.

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    What would really be nifty is if there was a queue system in FB. Meaning, I need to catch 30 of fish A then 100 of fish B and 100 of fish C, let's say for something like Draenor achievement. I go to FB's queue screen and enter the itemID for these fish along with the # goal. While I fish, FB looks to see if I have bait for the next fish up on the queue and if so it loads that specific bait. If I don't then it moves to the next fish on the list and checks for bait, repeat until found or if none then check after each cast. It loads the bait (repeating as necessary) until my goal for that fish is reached. Then it loads the bait for the next fish on my list, after I get that goal, it moves to next, repeat.




    That'd be for Abyssal Gulper Eel, Fat Sleeper and Blind Lake Sturgeon along with the specific baits for them. Probably better to not have the user define the bait ID as they may mix it up and they'd never reach their goal, but just an example of the logic.

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    Sort or compress across ALL guild bank tabs:


    * Create/Add a group (e.g. "GB 51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58")
    * Go to Guild Bank
    * Type "/sort GB" or "/compress GB"


    The /compress across all guildbank tabs is a huge space saver.


    * Should probably only use the #s for the guild bank slots you actually have (e.g. 51=1, 52=2 ... 57=7, 58=8)


    Can also do non-consecutive bags too, e.g. "GB 51,53,55,56" or by content type, e.g. "GB-Ore 51,52" "GB-Herbs 53,56", etc and sort (or compress) by those (e.g. /sort GB-Ore).

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    Another simple thank you. Addon works wonderfully.

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    What happened to the ability to show the 3D model of the mob? Don't see the option in the settings.

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    Would it be possible to allow more than 1 selection in the Outputs > Messages section? I'd like to keep the notification in Chat but would also like one of the others as well.


    Also is there any option I'm ignorantly missing to have Silverdragon automatically set a waypoint (e.g. via TomTom) when a rare is found? In many instances it's obvious where it is, but in many other places it's not so obvious - especially if you're flying by. The longer one spends either searching or manually setting the waypoint the better chance the rare will be dead by the time you get there.


    Great addon, been using it for years - thank you for all of your work.

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    I want to say I love the addon and greatly appreciate the time and effort you've put into it.


    First is there any way you can add a quick 'Clear' or 'Reset' button which will clear out the reagent data when a user does a quick search? I know you can manually select and clear the id= info to do it, but a single click button would be spiffy and convenient.


    Second I wanted to beg and plead to have TradeSkillInfo have an option to pull pricing data from TradeSkillMaster instead of only from Auctioneer. The ability to get AH prices automatically downloaded with the TSM app is vastly more convenient than constantly getting to an AH and running a new scan to pull prices for Auctioneer. I'm not trying to debate which is a better AH addon, just humbly requesting you add an option to use TSM as a price source if possible. Since I use TSM, I really don't want to have to carry the Auctioneer addon just to make TSI work if I don't need to.


    My apologies if this has already been brought up and/or discussed in the 23+ pages of comments I will admit I haven't had the time to read through. I did go through several pages and didn't notice anything.. Thank you for your consideration!

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    Just FYI.. it's great that you guys are actively updating the numbers and such, but honestly it's a waste of your time. I've had mine set like the below for longer than I can remember and haven't had to update the file a single time since then.

    LNKPD_MAX_ITEM_ID               = 110000;
    LNKPD_MAX_SPELL_ID              = 150000;

    The addon does not bug out if you provide a number higher than what's actually available. After a big patch or expansion comes out you might want to bump it up by 10 or 20 thousand each, but other than that the only thing you need to do every once in awhile is rebuild or rescan. Poof, done.

    Hope that helps.. again, not knocking the people being helpful, just saying you don't need to waste your time with incremental updates like that.

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