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    Aside from cheats, you can do it like me. I used Throttle Controlled Avionics  and made something like giant lifters. It required huge amount of fuel and thrust, but all I needed it to do was get to orbit.

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    Haven't been using this mod in a while so I hope they fixed bug that made me quit using it.


    My most honorable moment, I lunched the biggest and best ship I've ever created. Totally capable of exploring, rescuing kerbals, redirecting asteroids, simply perfect. Ship was made from two separate vessels. The main engine part was a giant lander while the first one was filled with personal, small landers, labs and com link. I was going to be using KAS struts to stabilize the ship after redocking the engine part. oh how wrong I was. I docked, connected everything and the moment I returned and turned engines on... everything fell apart. every single part which had struts attached simply fell off and engines were out of control. best part, it happened on Jool orbit. I think anyone would rage quit using that mod.


    EDIT: Nope, still cannot use it.

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