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    After one single stun this is what appears in my BugSack addon

    273x OmniCC\core\cooldown.lua:95: attempt to index a nil value
    OmniCC\core\cooldown.lua:95: in function `UpdateAlpha'
    OmniCC\core\cooldown.lua:12: in function <OmniCC\core\cooldown.lua:11>
    [C]: in function `SetCooldown'
    FrameXML\Cooldown.lua:5: in function `CooldownFrame_Set'
    FrameXML\LossOfControlFrame.lua:124: in function `LossOfControlFrame_SetUpDisplay'
    FrameXML\LossOfControlFrame.lua:52: in function <FrameXML\LossOfControlFrame.lua:37>



    It happens everytime after I lose control through stuns, fears, disarms etc.
    All the CDs are showing correctly and everything it just floods me with errors which lags me to hell, any idea how to fix this? I've gone through the lua files but can't figure out exactly what could be wrong and I didn't wanna change anything incase I broke it further :P


    This is an error that has started to appear only recently so I don't think it's a conflict with other addons unless something changed in one of them during an update.

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    I love the addon and I've used it for a LONG time but I seem to run into an issue with the Companion profiles,


    I made a change on a profile on my companion because I swapped up the model I used for it for another model but some of my friends who saw the old pet still sees the old profile while people who's never met the old model sees the changes.


    Any idea why this happens and how to resolve it?

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