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    Hey, I love what you have done for this modpack. its absolutely amazing. i has a great assortment of mods and a lot of amazing custom generation. However, as you can probably guess from some of the other recent comments, it has a few lag problems as well as crashing problems. I believe some of this may be due to the Better FPS mod and the Dynamic surroundings mod. Here are some of the  problems that i have noticed so far. When generating the game crashes or at least thats my guess as to why it happens. There is also the constant lag and when ever being near an entity that lag can grow exponentially, especially if that entity attacks you. Combat is very very laggy right now. whenever i attack or get attacked my computer slows down to a crawl and seems to skip frames. this makes combat nearly impossible. I really hope that this will be fixed going forwards. I realize that this modpack was just released to the public but, I would love to play this masterpiece as soon as possible.

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    How do you get it to make the entire biome autumn I have it set to 200% frequency and forest size of 300 and i still cant get a full autumn forest.

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    Please update to 1.10.2. This is an amazing mod and I along with tons of other would be ecstatic if this mod were to continue on through the updates.

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