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    Does anyone have an alternative to this addon? Not only is it extremely unreliable (shows items I need in Dire Maul that are leather even though I'm a mail wearer; doesn't show items I need such as these boots in Uldaman http://i.imgur.com/KPRw5Jw.jpg )

    but the author doesn't ever respond to or fix glaring bugs.


    Thanks for the effort, but this addon is mediocre at best, especially with its patronizing "HAPPY SUNDAY!" bullcrap messages.

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    Probably not the place to post a bug, sorry, but I haven't got time to search around right now.


    I'm a mail-wearing BM Hunter running dire maul and your addon is fantastic, but it's displaying a leather item for me from the dire maul tribute chest.



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    Hi. I noticed a problem between TSM and Pet Battle Breed ID. As you can see in the screenshots I posted in the thread, this addon has been identified as the cause of the shortening of tooltips for TSM. Can you allow tooltips to be stretched? http://stormspire.net/tradeskillmaster-addon/19500-could-someone-help-me-fix-screenshot.html

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    This is kind of an odd request, but I'm hoping you can fix this bug I've noticed.


    I love the "Recent Instances" list for when I'm farming old dungeons so I can avoid hitting the 10 dungeon per hour limit, but this feature completely breaks when you happen to be in a scenario group such as Proving Grounds.


    The reason I like being in proving grounds when running old dungeons is because it seems to be the only way to let me change from personal loot to group loot and I hate PL for old dungeons as I almost never get the xmog gear I want.


    Here's how to reproduce the bug:

    1. Go to your Garrison and queue for Proving Grounds just behind your garrison table.

    2. Once in, right click the eye on your minimap and Teleport Out of Dungeon. Then go run a regular dungeon without leaving your Proving Grounds queue. You'll see no dungeon you go in and reset will add to the list of Recent Instances.


    Sorry for the weird request.

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    After recently switching from Recount to Skada, I realized Skada is superior in every way except that it lists the names without the realms, so you can't whisper the person if you forgot which realm they were on. So it shows "Painbow" instead of "Painbow-Mal'Ganis" like Recount does. Can this at least be an option to enable/disable? Show realm in player names or something. Then it's perfect.


    Thank you!

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     You forgot to mute the most annoying sound in this game:




    That chime is so obnoxious and I never want to hear it ever again.

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    It's insane how weird the tokens are and I'm sick of trying to remember what gives what. Thanks for this!

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    You need to fix this addon right now. I keep getting harassing invites from players immediately after I type something in LFG. I typed the following and INSTANTLY got an invite from your addon:  [Tailoring: Clothes Chest: Karazhan Opera House]


    It was a tailoring link. It doesn't say "1" and it doesn't say "invite" anywhere in there, so why did it invite me? Get it away from me.


    If you don't believe me, twitch.tv/painbowganis it happened on 2016-08-24 at 5:10pm game time. You'll see it in past broadcasts. You'll see me flipping out on a guy.

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    Hi. I just went into Ulduar 25m and typed /mwd. It said Ignis the Fire Master had one equippable item left for my appearance tab and that was Worldcarver (a two-handed axe). Yet when I killed him, he dropped Wristguards of the Firetender which was not on the /mwd list.


    I thought I had only one item left to get from him on my Hunter but it isn't true. Your addon lies like a rug. It lies like a cheap, cheap, cheap, Pier 1 rug!


    Just kidding around, but here's the screenshot. Good addon but needs work or something else is going on here. http://i.imgur.com/bXID6XZ.jpg

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    Thanks for this great addon.

    I used the following command after reading your posts below to see if I can heal my follower using my Exotic Hunter Pet's "Spirit Mend" ability: /run BodyguardHealth.BodyguardFrame.Frame:SetAttribute("macrotext1", "/targetexact Leorajh\n/cast [@target] Spirit Mend")

    It worked but only once with each post of that entire command. If I click the bodyguard's name plate right now, it only highlights him -- doesn't heal. But if I paste the script above in and click the nameplate, it will cast a Spirit Mend on him. Once spirit mend is ready again, clicking no longer heals -- I have to paste the script again.

    It would be great if we could just type in a spell name in the addon to lock in the spell to cast on any of the 5 bodyguards we can have, but I'm sure you're not interested in that as other macros will work just as well.

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