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    This is just what I was looking for, but for some reason this mod kills my frame rate. It also doesn't seem to be working for me.  just shows "default" values/images, and not my actual pets.

    Didnt see any Readme's so I have no clue if I did something wrong or didnt "set it up" properly 

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    Hot game. I rather enjoy it for the time being =)
    A little disappointed that there isnt any mod support. Mods are pretty big once the game "gets old" and gives it an extra boost in shelf life.

    I guess time will tell if it can maintain its appeal after we all "been there done that" in a month or two.
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    THX, can't wait to be able to move it =)
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    Im getting the same thing, it was working fine all day till now. I have not changed or added any new addons. it just randomly decided to not allow me to highlight or move items in my bag.
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    One important thing to note for those that over looked it.

    The Pandaren Monk is a Charity pet. 50% of what you spend goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I personally think it should have been 100%, but I guess 50% is better than nothing.

    I sure hope the Diablo, Panda and Zergling do NOT get added to the pet store. (as I have them and rather enjoy being one of the few that have them) I wouldnt quite wow if they did, but it would be a slap in the face I think =P
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    I love how bartender works, but as I seem to crash a lot (crashes completely unrelated to this mod) bartender seems to wipe a lot of my other mods data. Gatherer and Altaholic's data seems to get wiped when I have bartender active during a crash.

    I have since removed bartender completely, and now when I crash, there is no more data wipes.
    Any thoughts to this?
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    Great addon! I was looking for something like this, but I wish I could save locations, and sizes of UI elements. I wanted my hotkey bar to be very small, but everything else large. It's a pain to keep resizing them =(
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    Oh yeah, and this "expansion" shouldn't even be called that.. it's a friggin' PATCH!
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    I started playing it from day one. I canceled it a few days before it was to renew my sub.
    Too many issues, things that should have been quick to fix (or fixed before launch) took ages. The shop was a pain to even buy the game. True the shop may be open now, but they should have never restricted sales in the first place. They should have had the means necessary to accommodate at the very least the one server they had from the start. Not to mention, WTF kind of company launches with ONE server anyway?
    MMO's aren't "new" anymore, regardless of never making one, they shouldn't have done some of the things they are doing.. and apparently are STILL doing.
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    Won't touch this with a 10 foot pole. AV = worst company evor!
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