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    Not to complain or anything, but look how much better it looks when the elders coin (elvencoin) is transparent :)


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    This is fantastic! One of the best addons for an addon in a long time =) Thanks!

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    Aha! So thats the culprit ;) I'll just hope they some day update for the rares atleast, I know there are some others with the same problem, I just dont remember any right now (ofcourse). Well, thanks for the reply =)

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    Pretty sure Trigore the Lasher only have one spawnpoint? The handynotes icons shows it 'all over the place' =)


    Thanks for an awesome addon, been using it for years.

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    Been getting this a bit lately...


    317x WonderRep\WonderRep-v1.6.36.lua:343: Usage: SetWatchedFactionIndex(index)
    [C]: in function `SetWatchedFactionIndex'
    WonderRep\WonderRep-v1.6.36.lua:343: in function `WonderRep_OnEvent'
    [string "*:OnEvent"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnEvent"]:1>

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    Getting this error:


    26x SharedXML\Util.lua:122: Unknown role: 4
    [C]: in function `error'
    SharedXML\Util.lua:122: in function `GetTexCoordsForRole'
    Armory\Frames\ArmoryPaperDollFrame-1400.nil.lua:1775: in function `ArmoryPaperDollFrame_UpdateTalent'
    Armory\Frames\ArmoryPaperDollFrame-1400.nil.lua:303: in function `ArmoryPaperDollTalentFrame_OnEvent'
    [string "*:OnEvent"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnEvent"]:1>

    (*temporary) = "Unknown role: 4"


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    Have you tried to delete all the old mogit folders? Its worth a try if not. Go into your addons folder, delete all mogit folders and then download again (preferably without using the curse client in my opinion...)

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    Getting this error now and then with 3.7.0. beta... Was not getting it in previous version, so just fyi =)


    5x MogIt\Core\Core.lua:572: attempt to index field 'slots' (a nil value)
    MogIt\Core\Core.lua:572: in function `LoadDB'
    MogIt\Core\Core.lua:544: in function `?'
    MogIt\Core\Core.lua:372: in function <MogIt\Core\Core.lua:371>

    self = <table> {
    CreateRaceMenu = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\GUI.lua:721
    ItemInfoReceived = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:158
    UpdateGUI = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\GUI.lua:543
    LoadSettings = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:341
    modules = <table> {
    ToggleFrame = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:20
    LDBI = <table> {
    url = <table> {
    mogSlots = <table> {
    LoadDB = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:551
    tooltip = MogItTooltip {
    CreateDropdown = <function> defined @Critline\Libs\Libra\Dropdown.lua:29
    Item_OnClick = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Templates.lua:267
    playerRace = 11
    AddData = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:667
    ShowURL = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\URL.lua:10
    RegisterModule = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:76
    ADDON_LOADED = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:375
    PLAYER_LOGIN = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:604
    data = <table> {
    db = <table> {
    GetSourceFromItem = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:196
    LoadBaseModules = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:358
    Set_FrameUpdate = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Templates.lua:417
    scroll = MogItScroll {
    FilterUpdate = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Filters\Filters.lua:89
    itemStringPattern = "item:(%d+):%d*:%d*:%d*:%d*:%d*:%d*:%d*:%d*:%d*:%d*:%d*:%d*:([%d:]+)"
    CreateMenuBar = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\GUI.lua:643
    ModelUpdate = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\GUI.lua:528
    modelBin = <table> {
    HasItem = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:215
    slotsType = <table> {
    Item_FrameUpdate = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Templates.lua:253
    GetPreview = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Preview.lua:628
    GetActiveSort = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Sorting\Sorting.lua:16
    CreatePreview = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Preview.lua:506
    posZ = 0
    sorting = <table> {
    view = MogItPreview {
    UpdateScroll = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\GUI.lua:524
    face = 0
    GetFilter = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Filters\Filters.lua:18
    APPEARANCE_SEARCH_UPDATED = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:471
    IsConnectedRealm = <function> defined @Critline\Libs\Libra\Utils.lua:33
    CreateUIPanel = <function> defined @Critline\Libs\Libra\UIPanel.lua:19
    CreateFilter = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Filters\Filters.lua:6
    L = <table> {
    displayGender = 1
    CreateIndicator = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\GUI.lua:395
    mmb = <table> {
    ToNumberItem = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:756
    GetItemInfo = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:146
    CreateAceDBControls = <function> defined @Critline\Libs\Libra\AceDBControls.lua:227
    GetItemLabel = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Templates.lua:6
    TogglePreview = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:24
    CreateCatalogueModel = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\GUI.lua:174
    GetData = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:699
    AddToPreview = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Preview.lua:824
    previewNum = 0
    DeleteCatalogueModel = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\GUI.lua:184
    ShowItemTooltip = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Templates.lua:289
    Item_Menu = <table> {
    itemStringLong = "item:%d:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1:%d"
    wishlist = <table> {
    ToStringItem = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Core.lua:706
    DeletePreview = <function> defined @MogIt\Core\Preview.lua:601
    models = <table> {


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    Latest version (2.1.2) works like a charm for me (so did the previous version, (2.1.1) aswell.


    Thanks for still putting hours into this, I love this addon! =)

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