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    With the latest release (2.4.2) it still doesn't work for me. :(

    I recreated it with the above settings again after the update, but it still shows nothing.

    Do you have any suggestions ? :)

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    Nice to hear it is fixed. So I will wait for the next final release.


    Thank you very much for the fast answer and also your awesome work on this great addon. :)

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    I am not sure if this is a bug or I am missing something since the last update(s), so I post it here and not on the bug tracker.


    I created a really simple WA: Under Trigger: Type "Status" and Status "Item Set Equipped" that showed me a icon with text (both were automatically taken) with the actually equipped item set from the build-in equipment manager.


    That worked well on all my different chars/classes. But since the last 2(?) updates, I think it was the update where the "conditions" tab was added, it never shows anything.

    The WA is still loaded and I changed nothing; neither on my item sets nor on the WA itself.

    I deleted the old WA and recreated it with the above settings but the WA still shows nothing. (If I have the WA options open it shows the placeholder questionmark icon with the WA name.)


    Thank you in advance for any hints on this and have a nice day. :)


    PS: I am using the german client if this does matter in this case.

    PPS: Sorry for my bad english.

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