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    Quote from kagaro »

    if your scaling is off, just revert back to 1.13 version


    the changes in 1.14 is recalculating scale with uiscale observed properly.

    Hey thanks for posting. I'm really not sure what happened, but my current profile was wiped. There were no panels with the exception of one in the center of the screen. I copy and pasted from an older profile and it loaded all the setting I had for the current "correct" profile.  So profile "X" was messed up, panels were listed but not visible, tried creating a layout with my profile name and it removed all my panels. Loaded old profile "Y" and it loaded all of the correct panels and settings for "X".  I'm not exactly sure what's going on with this addon, but I love and hate it all at the same time! :D

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    Most recent update has rendered my kgpanels profile completely fubar. I was so hesitant to click the update button too. smh Cry


    Do not create a new layout thinking that may help. It just deleted all of my active panels that were configured but not working in my current profile.

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    1/16 errors on login with the newest update that was just put out.  On my hunter all but my pet bar has vanished.


    Message: ...er4\libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0.lua:1224: Usage: FlyoutHasSpell(flyoutID, spellID)
    Time: 11/28/12 15:20:30
    Count: 1
    Stack: [C]: in function `FlyoutHasSpell'
    ...er4\libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0.lua:1224: in function <...er4\libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0.lua:1218>
    ...er4\libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0.lua:1028: in function <...er4\libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0.lua:964>
    ...er4\libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0.lua:960: in function `UpdateAction'
    ...er4\libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0.lua:438: in function `UpdateState'
    ...er4\libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0.lua:420: in function `SetState'
    Interface\AddOns\Bartender4\ActionBar.lua:124: in function `UpdateButtons'
    Interface\AddOns\Bartender4\ActionBar.lua:35: in function `ApplyConfig'
    Interface\AddOns\Bartender4\ActionBars.lua:182: in function `Create'
    Interface\AddOns\Bartender4\ActionBars.lua:80: in function <Interface\AddOns\Bartender4\ActionBars.lua:72>
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: ?
    [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:9: in function <[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:5>
    (tail call): ?
    ...\AtlasLoot_Loader\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:543: in function `EnableAddon'
    ...\AtlasLoot_Loader\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:556: in function `EnableAddon'
    ...\AtlasLoot_Loader\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:636: in function <...\AtlasLoot_Loader\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:621>
    [C]: in function `LoadAddOn'
    Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:299: in function `UIParentLoadAddOn'
    Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:322: in function `CombatLog_LoadUI'
    Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:692: in function <Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:657>

    Locals: <none>

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    It seems the clock functionality was changed in the patch and it's causing a constant stream of lua errors when enabled and is just killing my fps. I can post the errors if need be. I currently just have it disabled for now and all seems fine.
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    Anyone else have the clock disappear after the patch 4.0.6 today?
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