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    I should have said that I meant Shadowmeld, i.e. using it to drop combat. If done in any form other than cat, you can't immediately go into proper stealth without first coming out of stealth and suffering a GCD, so being able to instantly cast flight form is useful. 


    I agree that LiteMount isn't causing the problem, I just think that a class-specific override, if it could be added without too much work, would simplify things. I've worked around the issue by creating a separate macro for my druid and binding custom set 2 directly to shift-MB3, but for the sake of simplicity and easier maintenance, I'd rather not have multiple macros or character-specific keybinds.


    Anyway, if it's something that can be done easily, then please add it to your to-do list. If not, then thanks anyway.

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    Any chance of a toggle setting for druids to override mounts with travel forms even when stationary? It's very useful when you're in stealth close to an enemy and want to fly away, but casting a mount or starting to move will bring you out of stealth and therefore instantaneously into combat .


    I'm trying to macro this with conditions, but I'm making a mess of it. I use the same button for autorun and mounting, i.e.:


    MB3 - autorun

    alt-MB3 - mount


    I'd like to add a third version (e.g. shift-MB3) for a normal non-instant mount or copying the target's mount, but I can't work out how to get all three functions mapped to the same button, since you can't macro autorunning (AFAIK). I've tried both of these on a button mapped to alt-MB3 and neither work (LM_B4 is mapped only to travel form):


    /click LM_B4;[mod:shift]LM_B1

    /click LM_B4;[mod:shift,mod:alt]LM_B1


    I could just map the two mounting options to separate actionbar buttons, but I'd rather only take up one if I could. I also prefer global keybindings rather than character-specific, so mapping each LM_Bx function to a separate key won't work the way I want across multiple classes.



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    OK, thanks for the info.

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    Is there a list of planned changes? I was hoping to merge some bars I have (e.g. one bar for a dot that's running, changing to another when it's expiring and showing time to 0.1s) but the current set of conditions don't offer animations or time precision. It'd be nice to know what's in the pipeline without having to pester the devs, or to know when it might be worth making a suggestion. I've looked on the project page on WowAce but I don't see anything in the wiki or issues page.

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    That was it, thanks.

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    I'm seeing a small, square, empty outline appearing in the top-middle of my screen when Raven is running. Deactivating Raven makes it disappear. According to the FrameStack tool, it's called "RavenOverlay1".

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    I've been getting that same error message as well. When trying to track down the culprit, I got this one:


    Date: 2016-08-16 02:28:06
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ...ce\AddOns\Blizzard_Collections\Blizzard_Wardrobe.lua line 2242:
    Usage: GetSpecializationInfo(specIndex[, isInspect[, isPet[, inspectTarget[, sex]]]])
    [C]: GetSpecializationInfo()
    ...ce\AddOns\Blizzard_Collections\Blizzard_Wardrobe.lua:2242: initFunction()
    ..\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:69: UIDropDownMenu_Initialize()
    (*temporary) = nil

    Swatter, v5.21f.5579 (SanctimoniousSwamprat)
    PokemonTrainer, v7.0.1
    BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v7.0.3.70000 <none>


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    Any chance of getting a system to automatically change profiles based on dungeon role? I have to move my cast bar to stop it from being covered by my raid frames when I'm healing, and it's a bit of a pain.

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    Thanks for the response. First test: renamed the variables file as recommended and the main's bag and wearing lists are both visible on a second toon, albeit immediately after the file was recreated. I'll log some more toons in and see what happens.

    I took a look at the original variables file and noticed that it has a lot of entries for toons which I have long deleted, even though they're not showing up in the list of alts within ArkInventory. Some of those have the same name as my main or other toons (though obviously on other servers) - could that be causing confusion?

    I also noticed that the new file, which only contains data for two toons at the moment, has the following lines in it (I've snipped some lines of data in the "info" section for brevity):

                ["data"] = {
                    ["!ACCOUNT - !ACCOUNT"] = {
                        ["info"] = {
                        ["location"] = {

    The old file has a couple of dead toons listed above the "ACCOUNT" line. Neither has much information in it, nor do they appear to be duplicated in the main section below the account line, but I'm guessing that they're not supposed to be there. Could that be an indication of corruption in the file, or a cause for the error I've been seeing?

    I'm going to prune the character data from my original variables file while hopefully leaving the configuration intact (I have a done a lot of config, rules and categories, so I'd rather not lose them all if possible). Is it better to start from scratch? Or is there any way to export the config?

    Thanks again.


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    The mod never holds onto full offline data about my main's bag. Instead of the full 80 of 136 slots of bag space, I see only 15 of 16 slots: the "wearing" list is entirely empty. Both of these seem to work perfectly when I'm on the main, and offline data seems to be correct for all other characters, as well as for the main's bank and guild bank. I've tried deleting the data for the affected character as well as for all characters, but it doesn't seem to help.

    My main's a L100 feral druid: I also have a L93 feral druid who does not seem to be affected in the same way, in case that makes a difference.

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