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    GTFO.SpellID["238691"] = {
        --desc = "Spear of Vengeance";
        sound = 1;


    I added that to my GTFO_Spells_LGN.lua for "The God-Queen's Fury" challenge scenario, it's the fire AoE from the spears.

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    Same for rage in bear. It's kind of annoying.
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    enabling the latest beta causes /who to stop working, at least for me
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    On a reload, the bag icon moves itself up a bit. I keep it set to one bag, in the lower right hand corner of the screen. It is almost as if the bag frame changes size slightly, adding a bit to the bottom. If I unlock the bars and fiddle with the bag a bit, it goes back to normal.

    Nitpick: Also, it seems the default bag frame size (100%) is just ever so slightly smaller than the default bar size.

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    with this latest beta.


    However they all went away when I changed the profile, so I guess... nevermind

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    I'm a druid. When I shift from caster to cat, emergency think's I'm low on mana and does a flash.

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    m0rgoth's suggestion was a good one, keeping popups down in combat, or at least an option for that, would be a nice feature. And can we get timestamps added, and maybe a resizable chat window?

    Also (last one, I promise) is it possible to change line 350:

    getglobal(theWin:GetName().."ScrollingMessageFrame"): SetFont("Fonts\\FRIZQT__.TTF",WIM_Data.fontSize);

    to something like

    getglobal(theWin:GetName().."ScrollingMessageFrame"): SetFont(STANDARD_TEXT_FONT,WIM_Data.fontSize);

    so that the chat frame font can be replaced by a mod like Clearfont?

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    "At that low of a level you can't get dmg gear and if you're 60 you shouldn't care about the tooltip for those ranks."

    I'm @60, and I can heal ~700HP for 99 mana in 2.0 sec with a rank 3 / lvl 14 spell. With as much regen as I have, it is nearly impossible for me to run out of mana even if I spam this 100% of the time.

    It would be nice to have an accurate representation of the amount healed with this lower rank spell.

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    I have a druid, sometimes use HT rank 3 which is a lvl 14 spell and has a default 2.5s cast time. I have +833 healing. The standard range for HT rank 3 is 195 - 243. Your mod says it heals for 1057 - 1111, when in reality the number is more like 680 - 740.

    Need to reevaluate how you calculate low rank spell penalties.

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