• posted a message on Easy Frames

    For the "Use class icons for portrait" option, can you exclude player frame?


    These frames are kickass by the way.  Keep it up.

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  • posted a message on Details! Damage Meter

    Whisper Target Cooldowns ends in Lua error:

    2x SendChatMessage(): Whisper message missing target player!
    [C]: ?
    [C]: in function `SendChatMessage'
    Details\core\plugins_raid.lua:258: in function `SendMsgToChannel'
    Details\core\plugins_raid.lua:415: in function `func'
    Details\core\parser.lua:2293: in function <Details\core\parser.lua:2199>
    (tail call): ?
    (tail call): ?

    (*temporary) = "|cff71d5ff|Hspell:102342:0|h[Ironbark]|h|r on you."
    (*temporary) = "WHISPER"
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = ""


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  • posted a message on Examiner

    Any chance of an addition of HONOR talents?

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  • posted a message on BigDebuffs

    May want to add the new hexes,

            [210873]  = { type = "cc", parent = 51514 }, -- Hex: Compy
            [211015]  = { type = "cc", parent = 51514 }, -- Hex: Cockroach
            [211004]  = { type = "cc", parent = 51514 }, -- Hex: Spider
            [211010]  = { type = "cc", parent = 51514 }, -- Hex: Snake

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  • posted a message on Gladius

    Any way I can make only my auras show?  Or a whitelist of some sort?

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  • posted a message on DiminishingReturns

    That's not what it is in game though.  It DRs with fear/clone.

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  • posted a message on ArenaStyle

    It's likely you just have max players set to default.  Type this:


    /as max 40

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  • posted a message on SmartTabTarget

    A better fix, I'd imagine, would be to change the first line to this instead:


    if (queueType == "ARENA" or "ARENASKIRMISH")

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  • posted a message on OmniBar

    Any chance of adding spec scanning for "Show unused icons as enemies appear" option?  Currently it shows all interrupts a class is capable of regardless of spec.  So if a feral druid is in the game it shows solar beam, for instance.

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  • posted a message on ArenaStyle

    To get this to work everywhere (5mans, raids, etc) you need to comment out the following lines (note, if you still don't want it to show in raids, but want it to show everywhere else only comment out the first one)


    Line 138

    if areaType == "raid" or areaType == "party" then ArenaStyle:ResetStyle() return end


    Lines 146-150

    function ArenaStyle:OnZoneChanged()
        local _,areaType = IsInInstance()
        if areaType ~= "raid" then self:ApplyStyle() end

    Also, just in case anyone wants to make the default debuff size bigger (this doesn't affect CC size), you need to change line 524 from




    Change the "1.3"s to whatever size you want.  Make sure it's line 524, there are a few different places size is set.

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