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    Is there an option to not show the green arrow on legendary when we have already 2 leg equiped? (but still the % upgrade in the tooltips)
    and for items which will break the set bonus

    The choice of which leg using is mostly based on their special effect, and the content we are doing. Therefore the weigth of their stat is meaningless

    If i could ask a bit more ...

    When we have a legendary equiped is there a way to show the best epic item after that (and mark it with ... a blue arrow, or any color, or any symbol)

    and to finish on somthing else:

    I was looking for a way to easily switch between custom scales

    The only results i have found are all about having multiple scale active at once
    But I find this quite disturbing


    First, i wanted to ask you a way to do so.
    So with some more research i came up with this  macro:

    /script PawnUI_SelectScale("ScaleName")
    /script PawnUIFrame_ShowScaleCheck:Click()


    Now  I'm busy creating macro for all my alts ;)




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    Thx a lot




    Seems they have quite a few way to mess with

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    here is a screen of my artifact




    Only Pawn installed


    We can see that after failling to understand the stat from the artifact, it fall back to the default 750 ilvl version.





    PS: is this normal to have the artifact debug each time I mouseover any other equiped item ?

    (and all item in bag when open !!!)

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    Hi same bug here (French again)




    It seems it can't read any stat above 999



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    Thank you for the answer.

    i have try some manipulation on my side

    -the graphic setting have no influence on this phenomen

    -the UHD work perfectly in 32 bit

    -the UHD work perfectly on the Beta (both 32 and 64 bit)

    it seems to come from my game...

    I hope reinstall will solve the problem




    Ok, the problem come from my game. I have no more bug

    Sorry for wasting your time Esamynn

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    Since the latest release, when i use the option UHD, my framerate fall under 10 fps (over 70 fps without the UHD enable)

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