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    Quote from ggbranch >>


    thanks for the great addon first

    in the last weeks i started to farm transmogs again a bit more than before.

    so i found some bugs?/problems?/weird things that are happening.


    for example: dire maul
    im missing treants bane from tribute chest. i know this showed up before but doesnt anymore. some items are simply missing and dont show up viceversa. missing on pala and warrior

    so it gets weirder: uldaman for example. with my paladin it shows the missing jackhammer as it should. with warrior it doesnt


    in gnomeregan it shows im missing gizmotron megachopper on my paladin and on warrior it doesnt.

    most of this stuff which does such strange things are weapons as far as i can see. maybe this is related to lootspecs or somethin


    edit: ive looked on my deathknight now and it makes those examples even more strange.
    on dk: treants bane shows, megachopper shows jackhammer shows.


    another thing i found for example is old karazhan:
    chess event show double battlescar boots
    nightbane is completly missing

    it is really completely strange and i have no clue whats happening there

     I had the same issue with the Tribute chest.
    Also in Blackwing Liar the trash weapon drop didn't appear until 5 minutes ago for some odd reason.
    Not fun to have to go back when I basically set myself "I completed this Dungeon/Raid".
    Edit: I relogged and now the remaining Tribute Chest item (2h axe) is gone again.
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    For every item in the raid there is Atlasloot. This is purely to collect items which are transmoggable.
    I do agree on the Raid Difficulty filter.

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    If possible, please fix it so I can't see the recipes of a specialisation I can't learn because it's pretty annoying going over the list, only to find out I can't learn a specific recipe because it's from the other specialisation.
    Example: Engineering: Gnomish & Goblins.
    My "completionists-list keeps showing a bunch of recipes at like 10 vendors all over Azeroth (mostly the same recipes).

    Little extra: the Lifestealing enchant is no longer availaible in the game (as a drop) only possibility to get it is on the Auction House. Will report when I found more recipes on the lists which are like that.

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