• posted a message on In-Game Account Switcher

    Is there a way to relog?

    Sometimes if the connection drop while playing, when I re-enable the wifi I get the usual "Invalid Session error: try to restart your client".


    I saw that this can be solved by logging into another account and then relogging to the original account. In the case scenario where one have only 1 account, would you add the possibility to relog the same account?

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  • posted a message on Event Tweaks

    The mod seems interesting to realize modpack creators ideas.


    Is there a way to have a trigger that fires when a player in an hardcore map with the hardcore questing mod dies consuming his last life? So the trigger should not fire when a player dies consuming one of his other lifes.


    This could open up possibilities to make Hardcore mode a thing on servers.

    The state of the art is to ban a player from the server, which might be too harsh for some server admins. Hence a neat solution could be to have such trigger tied with a custom teleportation command to bring the player in an hell-like dimension where he will need to escape to get back to life.

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  • posted a message on OpenEye

    If I release a modpack with openeye in it, how can I see from the website all the crashes coming from my modpack?


    I might be wrong be I saw that only single mods can be browsed, hence how can I know if a crash of a certain mod is from my modpack?


    Thanks in advance.

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  • posted a message on Recurrent Complex

    In a mostly ocean map, can recurrent complex be set to generate more structures also on the ocean floor? (Not necessarily ocean biome, just underwater). 


    From my experience in other modpacks and ssp maps, underwater structures are more rare than overland ones.

    Edit: is there also a way to set the mod to spawn structures at sea level? For instance a ship (maybe previously custom built and added to the mod)

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  • posted a message on The Maze World Mod

    In the modlist I see Mariculture which is stuck at 1.7.10 support. However here I see that you support 1.10.2. How does it work Mariculture in this little pack?

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  • posted a message on Death Note

    Is there a similar addon updated for legion to also track things like corruption etc? 

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  • posted a message on SexyCooldown

    I changed the splash scale however when the cooldown is about to expire the icon on the bar doesn't change size at all.

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  • posted a message on Auc-Stat-TheUndermineJournal

    Awesome addon!! 

    I love auctioneer but always felt behind while tradeskill master and auctionator can fetch data from TUJ.


    Now problem solved!

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  • posted a message on ElvUI Recount Inherit Global Fade

    Well done, it's really a neat feature to have!

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  • posted a message on Skada Damage Meter

    Is there a way to see the "Incoming DPS" to each party member? As a healer I was wondering that maybe it would be useful to be able to see who is receiving the most damage in the last seconds, to see if a player could be left with a small HoT or if it needs a more aggressive healing.


    I'm still trying to figure out if it make sense strategically speaking thought.

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