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    Hey long time since i postet here, but want to suggest some thing.


    An option where you can set Instance/raid difficulty... let's say i am looking at the List, and find out ah i need some item in 25m HC Dragonsoul raid (im where you see the transmog it self), with a press on a button it will set it to the difficulty i'm currently watching the transmog in. So if i was on the 10m it would set it to 10m, and so on...

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    Well you can also just go and edit the files :)


    Looked at the file REPorter.lua seams simple enough :)

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    Ah thx a lot :)

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    I see you state it is supported by ElvUI skin, well when i have it enabled the whole map is just way to dark, and i can't use the buttons at all.

    As you can see on the image below, it's dark, all i did was enable ElvUI Skin.



    I took a peek at ElvUI Skin site here on Curse, can't see your addon on the list tho.

    It used to work, so not sure if you changed anything, or it was the Skin creator.

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    Hey, i use this great addon for friends that need to get Lockouts for like ICC, Unduar.... But in like ICC they need to convert to HC, and i use my second account for this, so i want a more automatic process, but since they can't leave party and then convert to HC (if they do they get booted out), i have to leave the party, and as of now i have to do that manually leave party

    So what i want is a keyword like "youcanleave" or some like that, and my account then leaves the party, and they then can change to HC.


    If that makes any sense :D

    1. Friend send message over battle.net "youcanleave"

    2. My other account receives the message "youcanleave"

    3. My other account then perform a /run LeaveParty()

    4. Friend stay in instance and can change to HC.

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    Problem with it is that lure such as "Hypermagnetic Lure" and so on, only increases the chance, so you still will get coins that had no effect of the Lure like.

    Hypermagnetic Lure Increases A + B + C, but you can still fish up any of the other, and it will req a large amount of data to find out what exact lure give the chance of which coin.

    So you won't really see what you are looking for, until like 100+ people merge the data together, or even more people who knows, since we have no knowledge of the extra chance for each coin.


    And since wowhead do not track what lure you use when getting the coins, well dont see it will benefit, it needs as said go into a database some where to get crunched...


    Hope that made any sense :D

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    Yeah got the same on my druid, so i tried several things, but nothing worked, until i took my hunters FishingBuddy.lua and copied it over to my Druid. 


    This is the one that works for me. (unfortunately i forgot to take backup of the one that did not work)

    FishingBuddy_Player = {
    ["MinimapData"] = {
    ["minimapPos"] = 225,
    ["hide"] = true,
    ["TotalTimeFishing"] = 1,
    ["Settings"] = {
    ["EnhanceSound_MasterVolume"] = 30,
    ["AutoOpen"] = true,
    ["OutfitManager"] = "None",
    ["BackgroundSounds"] = true,
    ["LastResort"] = true,
    ["MountedCast"] = true,
    ["TotalTimeFishing"] = 465751.254,
    ["HandleQuests"] = false,
    ["AutoLunker"] = false,
    ["WatchCurrentZone"] = true,
    ["WatchElapsedTime"] = true,
    ["ContestSupport"] = true,
    ["TurnOffPVP"] = true,
    ["EnhancePools"] = true,
    ["TurnOnSound"] = true,
    ["EnhanceFishingSounds"] = true,
    ["AutoLoot"] = true,
    ["EasyLures"] = true,
    ["STVTimer"] = true,
    ["GroupByLocation"] = false,
    ["WasWearing"] = {
    ["WatcherLocation"] = {
    ["y"] = -28.8336181640625,
    ["x"] = 108.204360961914,
    ["point"] = "TOPLEFT",
    ["scale"] = 1,
    ["Outfit"] = {
    ["Version"] = 10005,


    Ok the version works fine, but only until i went and buy [Oversized Bobber] and went back and wanted to fish, it then broke, well not broke but the red text saying i can't do that...


    Same i had no lure so i wanted to try if that would break it, and since i use "Lure of last resort" it did not use it until i enabled "Always Lure" and yep it did not lure but i got red text again and was again unable to fish.


    But if i Lure and use the [Oversized Bobber] before i try to cast, with "Always Lure" enabled it works fine, until FB want to do anything automatically, such as applying Lure..  it wont allow me to cast until i apply it manually.


    [EDIT 2]

    Hmm, i just logged in to my Main, and well i just could lure and all in 1 go, and no error or anything, hmm strange.

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    yeah i got 315 alliance mounts, and it shows me 3 mounts only :/

    [EDIT] Updated to the version (not listed here) v1.8.4-1ga1fccb8

    and it works again.



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    Update plz

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    I have the Max. height set to 350, but  problem is that even with the high set, you still can hover over guests that are not shown, like moving the cursor down under the shown quests will still show you the courser of the quests that are there, just not visible, if that makes any sense :D


    Have tried to delete the settings but still the same.



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