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    Yes. Gold so it should appear always. Still happening today. Not a big deal. I'll delete the chinchilla files in my WTF folder and see if that resets the behavior.


    Are the only two files the two in the saved variables folder? I do not see anything with Chinchilla in the name in any other folder, but not sure if there may be something with another name that "could" be causing my issue.



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    Even with the latest update my mail icon does not always appear when there is mail. I cannot tell you specifically when it does and does not, but there seems to be some sort of delay.


    June 15: Yeah, still happening today. For instance, if an item has sold on the AH, but I empty my current mail before the gold has been sent from the AH, when the gold for said item does hit my mailbox, the icon fails to update. There is not an error associated with anything, simply mail without the icon.

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    What would cause the CD spiral on the "Extra Action Button" not to cover the entire button? The spiral stays at the correct size for scale @ 100, but does not grow. This does not occur on the bars themselves.


    Thank you!

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    Sometimes, when there is a lot of chat or a long entry, the words themselves continue beyond the chat frame (above it to be precise). Is this simply a limitation on the WoW chat box, or is there a way for me to edit the settings so words can never stretch beyond the physical boundaries of the chat frame?

    Thank you!

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    Quick question to you guys who have a bit more skill -

    When trying to make ooc and not full take precedent over ooc and target (currently it is other way around) I guess all you have to do is switch the if then statements in iceelements. But that alone doesnt seem to work.

    self.alpha = self.settings.alphaooc 
    if (self.combat) then  
    self.alpha = self.settings.alphaic  
    self.backgroundAlpha = self.settings.alphaicbg 
    elseif (self.target and not self:AlphaPassThroughTarget()) then
    self.alpha = self.settings.alphaTarget  
    self.backgroundAlpha = self.settings.alphaTargetbg
    elseif (self:UseTargetAlpha(scale)) then  
    self.alpha = self.settings.alphaNotFull  
    self.backgroundAlpha = self.settings.alphaNotFullbg  
    else self.alpha = self.settings.alphaooc  
    self.backgroundAlpha = self.settings.alphaoocbg 

    It seems I have done something incorrect because just changing priority of the bold and italicized doesn't seem to take. If anyone with programming knowledge can tell me exactly what I have done wrong I would appreciate it.

    (by the way above is current form, my edited file simply changes the orientation of the if then statements ive highlighted)

    Thank you,

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    On normal action bars, an ability like Wild Charge will change based on stance - the icon will I mean. For instance, in nostance or flight form the icon is one way, but in cat form it is another, and in bear yet another look. This is true also of stampeding roar, prowl (stealthed vs not) and now symbiosis too depending on class chosen for spell application, the icon goes from sybiosis to say dispersion, divine shield, shattering blow, frost nova etc.

    Is there a way for TMW to change like the regular actions bars or is this something inherent to the action bar scripting themselves?

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    the old version wasn't broke and didn't need to be changed to the point that we can no longer import our old settings

    How do you know? You stated yourself you are a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff. Im sure there are reasons for the changes.

    To the authors and maintainers, thank you for your effort and time. We all eagerly await the final release :)

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    Not sure what happened. Vertical bar settings seem fine, but when I "Rotate Bar 90 Degrees" the animation of the bar acts funny. The bar "shakes," I suppose is the best way to describe it. Is this normal? Not sure why it would start this quaking process simpoly by changing the orientation, but it doesn't have this update effect when vertical. I am referring to the energy bar etc.

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    I see the questions regarding Hemorrhage and by all accounts it seems as if the issue isn't, or possibly can't be resolved, due to the names (glyphed vs unglyphed) being the same. Is there no way to add spells based solely on spell IDs? I see when I enter the spell IDs Raven simply translates them into the spell name.

    Thanks for your time Tomber and the addon!

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    Thank you so much. That minimap rotation was so annoying lol.

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