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    Well I can't be sure until the wings open. But currently the tooltip shows the correct bosses with no changes.  

    However, when I edited the code like you and checked the tooltip it showed the incorrect bosses for the last 2 wings.

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    The wailing Halls lfr wing does not show if you have looted the bosses already in the tooltip. 

    Adding the remap to code for that line solves the issue.


    [1495] = { total=3, base=4,  parent=1527,altid=nil, remap={ 1, 2, 3 } }, -- ToS2: Wailing Halls


    I'm not sure if you need to add remap to the following 2 wings as currently they show the bosses in the tooltip.

    Adding remap to the last 2 wings will list the wrong bosses in the tooltip and so is not required. 

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    You could also add 




    at the end of the map id list to add the dungeons to the list also. 


    Also 61444 doesn't track for me, could try adding 61442 and 61445 as the other 2 id's for the bosses in that trial to see which tracks the chest opening.

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    I love this addon and will love it even more once you can keybind the spells. 

    Also is it possible to add leg sweep?

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