• posted a message on RankWatch
    Would really appreciate a RankWatchBlocker addon. No more spam, please.
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  • posted a message on HideBlizzard
    Doesn't really seem to be doing much of anything for me. I only downloaded it to disable the Armored Man, and that is still there =/
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  • posted a message on Grid
    Is there any way to "preview" Grid in-game without actually starting a raid? Something like Decursive's "Test Layout" where it creates a bunch of fake units?
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  • posted a message on Aura
    Being able to add multiple conditions to an aura would be very useful.

    IE: If Action Points < 50="" or="" hit="" points="">< 50%="" then="" "consider="" fleeing"="">
    or.. If Action Points < 50="" and="" hit="" points="">< 20% then "you're dead buddy" 20%="" then="" "you're="" dead="">
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  • posted a message on Gork Sez Stop Warner
    What this addon really needs (besides a serious update) is a slash command to remove the "effects" manually, in case they get stuck.
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  • posted a message on XpStatus

    Is it possible to make the size of this adjustable or something? I'd like to make it a bit narrower so I can get it to fit somewhere without overlapping my hotkey bars..

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