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    I've been using PetTracker for a couple years now -- thanks much! -- and just started using 7.1.0 this week -- thanks for showing the Legion pets, now! 


    FYI, today I realized there is a bug:  

    With PetTracker turned off -- seeing WoW's default operation -- clicking the main map's hourglass (on the top right), while looking at the Broken Isles, the hourglass' drop-down shows you options for which world quests are visible, under a title of "World Quest Rewards"... for example letting me uncheck Order Resources, Artifact Power, Profession Materials, and Gold... and only show Equipment world quests, if I want.


    But with PetTracker turned on and the UI reloaded, the bottom half of the world quest controls does not show:  no title of "World Quest Rewards", and none of the options that I listed, in my example above. 


    (P.S.  Trying to follow your suggestion, I tried clicking your "post a ticket" link on mods.curse.com, and on wow.curseforge.com (the project site), but in both cases it did not open up a page to post a ticket.) 


    ((P.P.S.  I think I just created a ticket for the above:  after clicking your "post a ticket" link, I had to next click the "Issues" tab, click the "New Issue" button, create a GitHub account, give the issue a title and explanation, then create it.  If that's not where tickets get created, then please let us know a little more about how to create a ticket.)) 

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    Well, thx much for all you do. 


    A (hopefully) small request, for sometime *AFTER* your project management exam ;)  (PnP cert?).... could you list (perhaps in FAQ) the steps for a fresh install of Altoholic?  

    In particular, I'm wondering about what things we can delete..... what files & folders.  I've read somewhere that some things are fixed by this kind of reset of the data.... but since I'm concerned about deleting anything that belongs to WoW, I haven't even tried that. 


    In any case, thx again for whatever (and *all*) that you do. 


    Happy gaming... 


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    Quote from angnr >>

    Hey, so for some reason only 5 or 6 of my characters show in Account Summary. I've tried re-installing the entire thing, both datastore and altoholic. Deleting WTF and cache etc and all the characters in Account... when i re-install datastore / alto it happens exactly the same again. Some chars just won't show in summary. I can see their bags and stats etc, but only if i search manually for them. Is there a way to make all 12 chars show up in the summary screen? 

     I'm having the same problem too:  only a few chars per server are showing.  I checked, and characters that have Altoholic enabled (and all add-ons enabled... I only have a few) are not showing on the Altoholic menus. 
    And I wish there was something in the FAQ section about "How to do a fresh install of Altoholic"... like, saying what files and folders to delete... because how I am supposed to know what belongs to WoW itself?... I don't want to delete any Blizzard items (unless someone tells me which ones it's safe to delete, etc.), only Altoholic / Datastore items. 
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