• posted a message on Rift Raid Alert

    could you make a small verison of this, that only looks for little shiny's announcement of dropping a shiny?

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  • posted a message on nkCartographer

    Does anyone know where I could find a [list] of Unstable Artifact Thief locations? I've seen the maps, but I thought that this addon might have had an option to show where they have been seen before

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  • posted a message on KaruulAlert

    Is there a way to tack the CD of a weapon ability? ie shroom carver

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  • posted a message on Gadgets

    if you add this code into line 214 of the currenciestextbar.lua it'll fix the issue


    	StoreText = UI.CreateFrame("Text", "Rift Store", frmCurrencies)
    	StoreText:SetText("Rift Store")
    	StoreText:SetEffectGlow({ strength = 3 })
    	--StoreText:SetFont(AddonId, "blank-Bold")
    	StoreText:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", lastName, "BOTTOMLEFT", 0, 4)
    	lastName = StoreText
    	if MoneyGadgets.Currencies.Store then
    	for i,v in pairs(MoneyGadgets.Currencies.Store) do
    		MoneyGadgets.curName[i] = UI.CreateFrame("SimpleLifeCheckbox", "Rift Store", frmCurrencies)
    		MoneyGadgets.curName[i]:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", lastName, "BOTTOMLEFT", 0, 3)
    		lastName = MoneyGadgets.curName[i]


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  • posted a message on Gadgets

    Is there any chance of getting a 'reverse' buff option? For the gadget to check if you are missing buffs?

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  • posted a message on Montage's Killing Blow Indicator

    Hi, this is a sweet little addon. The only thing is i was getting errors poping up when i would die, and it would say that I had killed myself...

    So I changed line 246 in "Montage's Killing Blow Indicator.lua" to this:

    if mkbi_target.player and mkbi_target.player ~= mkbi_playerid then

    Just to check whether the death was the player... seems to work for me

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