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    Everytime i leave a vehicle, it bugs the unitframe it is like my health bar drops down. I had this in Strand of the Ancients battleground when i enter the vehicles, it happens with pretty much every vehicle.


    Also, my target's target shows a wrong class color like 90% of the time. It keeps showing the class color of the previous target.

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    I have "Use Blizzard Vehicle UI" enabled, but still when I enter a vehicle it wont use the blizzard UI but keeps the bartender UI. Can you fix this please? ;(

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    Quote from Krelus >>


    And i can find my buff, debuff icons anymore.  

    I will tray clean install  :)   done



    The position is reset, on default place, but icons are gone. 


    maybe another addon have influences   :(     


    Z-Perl Unit Frame

    --> Player --> uncheck ''Hide Default Buffs''


    tada      working

     I dont have Z-Perl Unit Frame, so I dont think any other addons are influencing it.. I have had my problem since i first started using moveanything.
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    Quote from user_304154 >>

    I'm having the same issue with the debuffs that bollshiesh is experiencing but the issue is not with my target's debuff but my own debuffs. 

     Same for me, only my own debuffs keep changing places. They don't disappear but they move up or down randomly without me touching them, and I keep having to put them back.
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    Hello, I keep encountering the same bug. My debuffs ("player debuffs from right to left") keep changing places, sometimes they move up, sometimes they move down.


    I log on and just find them randomly placed elsewhere without moving them myself :(. I have them set in the middle of my screen so I can see them easily but sometime sthey just change places and I keep having to put them back. Its really annoying, is there a way to fix this? Nothing else of my moved frames do this, only my debuffs.


    They don't always do this when I log on, it just happens randomly. There is no pattern to it. How do I make sure they always stay put in their place? They are locked but still do it idk.

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    Hi, thank you for updating this. But I have a question, I cant find the t3 items when i try to look for them :(


    Is it meant to be like that?

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    Hello, I think other realmhop addons are interfering with your addon, because everytime I use this it accepts people who are so far away and not even on the world quest. It also keeps inviting people into my group who are nowhere near me and sometimes even in other zones.

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