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    This is a great addon, please come and update it. I was excited when it was available for beta, and i think it could be huge with the wow community if it was updated and a few things were fixed.

    i use this mainly on my tanks b/c they have rolling defensive abilities to keep up. such as pulverize on my druid tank, i can keep this ability applied to myself 100% of the time without losing any dps! works wonders not having to watch a buff timer. Also on my paladin tank i can keep holy shield applied without wasting a gcd on reapplying before i need to, and it's also very handy seeing my shield of the righteous buff.  

    Come back to us !!! 

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    I have to admit i've been using this addon since i first started playing WoW 8 year ago!!!! 

    Seeing a small bug on occasion where i use an ability but the timer doesn't appear on the spell button unless i mouse over it.  I disabled all my other addons to see if they were causing some kind of issue but it still exists. Thanks for your time !! keep up the good work!

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    Great addon, thanks for making this and keeping it updated. I'm a raid leader and this really helps, it lets me focus more on my raiders and less on my rotation. Of course you still have to know how to play a shaman and do all your normal prepull abilities and pot, and make sure you save cooldowns for the right time of the fight, but it's very nice to know that they are ready for use without having to check bar timers or track them myself. Some of the requests are a bit much for my taste, the addon does everything i need it to do : ) 

    Keep up the good work !!! 

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