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    I was wondering more along the lines of an override, instead of a new string for each and every trait just replacing all defensive ones with "Defensive (iLvL)", or set only the defensives as greyed out at the bottom of the tooltip, so that the useful traits are listed. Would that be possible? A frost DK for example;


    Blast Radius

    Nothing But the Boots

    Bad to the Bone


    Cold as Ice

    Dead of Winter


    Ice in your Veins Defensive (iLvL)

    Frozen Skin Defensive (iLvL)


    An example on a relic would be;


    Shadow Relic:


      Frost - Cold as Ice

      Unholy - Deadliest Coil

      Disc - Confession

      Shadow - Unleash the Shadows

      Assassination - Toxic Blades

      Sub - The Quiet Knife

      Affliction - Inimitable Agony

      Demo - Summoners Prowess



         - Arms

         - Blood

         - Havoc


    Not sure if possible, but being able to remove the "attuned for" and the trait effect names would also help declutter tooltips and increase readability, such as;



    Arms: Unending Rage

      Increases Maximum Rage by 10

    Blood: Iron Heart

      Increases your Armour by 2%



    Arms: Increases maximum Rage by 10

    Blood: Increases your Armour by 2%



    Also for the BiS list, could have something in settings for just your spec, and you rank your own traits in order, which then hooks into addons like RCExtraUtilities similar to how it can send pawn scores. Having a list of 7 traits to order per spec, and then it only submits the number relative to the set order.


    EDIT: Probably easier to clarify by making a mock up on photoshop and just post the link, Ill see what I can do when I get home.

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    Any chance of getting the ability to modify the strings for each trait, or put a note next to them? Would make the addon much more useful from a ML perspective, such as renaming "1% stam/1% parry" to Defensive trait, or being able to put numerical values next to each trait in order of that players defined BiS list for traits. Thanks!

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    All good, was just asking from a Tank/Heals perspective, as with DPS specs it works fine. The only other issue I ever had with the addon was the inability to change the recommended gems (or is it a setting I'm missing?). Just was asking about if it was possible to use breakpoints now that my guild has started using RCExtraUtilities plugin to try and help reduce ML disputes.

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    The only feature that is incompatible with ElvUI is the icon overlay to show whether or not it is already known. Its on the page for progress, but no time has apparently been spent on this single detail at all since its log dated 5 months ago. Dont hold your hopes up for a tiny change.

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    Is there any chance you can make an ElvUI plugin so that I can use the ElvUI appearance but the Bagnon frames? The sorting system and bag effects of bagnon are far superior but conflict :(

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    Any chance of being able to set breakpoints? IE DH should have 16k crit rating 3k haste then rest into mastery?

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    Any chance of a slight modification in the future? As a Lootmaster, the addon is a bit lacklustre apart from telling who can actually use a relic, but not the benefit. An example would be:

    Original Relic tooltip


    The effect every usable spec has (with the ability to show only the trait effect, not the trait name)


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    I have a few questions if i may:

    1: is there a way to keep the Blizzard positioning of all bars then progressively modify them from there, instead of having them all bunched up in the middle from the start? Or is there a profile available with all the default positioning already?


    2: For characters we dont wish to use these bars on at all, is there a way to make the interactive progress bars/roll bars standalone?



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    Discovered a bug:

    If in a group with a priest, who then duels and mind controls any player, for the remainder of that group, including resetting UI, the mind control victim will show as their DPS, and the DPS of the victim will not show up at all as their own individual.

    Screenshots Puushed below.




    Will submit a log if I remember after.


    EDIT: Log showing how it should be represented.

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