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    I agree, an annoucement for Stormlash would be great so I can coordinate with the other Shaman in the raid.

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    After updating this addon, I get the following errors about a dozen times in a few seconds after logging in:

    kgPanels: Failed to find artwork normtexa type background
    kgPanels: Texture not found normtexa in kgPanels or SharedMedia setting to solid white
    kgPanels: Failed to find artwork HalBorder type border
    kgPanels: Border HalBorder was not found in kgPanels or SharedMedia.

    My panels were a pretty simple black as backgrounds behind certain UI elements of mine. I have no options in the dropdown to change textures or artwork.

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    I'll just remark that he's having the same problem as me. I read it and fully understand I need to use the RivetBar texture, but am unable to change my texture. See attached pic.


    It's possible you misunderstood his question, sir, and then failed to address the problem directly.
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