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    Thanks for the reply. I ended up creating a "Private Tanks" frame, and selecting "Hide Focus" for that profile It does display the target now, but it is still a bit weird 


    - It displays the background even when I have no target (or focus) and have set to hide empty buttons and hide when empty.

    - When targeting a non-mana class it leaves space for a mana bar. If I then force it to update (setting focus, moving out of range etc) it fills up but until then it has a gap where the mana would be.


    The workaround works but it does have some cosmetic issues. Also the Special > Target frame is not working as expected so I just wanted to point that out. 

    Would it be beneficial for me to raise each of these as separate tickets on the curseforge site? Or all in one ticket?

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    I want to create a minimalist UI. Part of this is clean simple unit frames and Vuhdo seems to be a way to get there. However I have a few questions to improve what I have. Currently:




    1) I want to use different profiles depending on the character, spec, group size etc. That's all fine. However I want all the profiles to use the same Unit Frames at the bottom. I don't want to have to set them up separately in each profile.


    Is there a way to have changes to a frame in one profile be applied to all profiles? Or to export one or more frames from one profile and import them into other profiles?


    2) I want to position the frames exactly. Dragging them to "close enough" is OK for testing, but it bugs me I can't get them to pixel precision locations.


    3) Cast bars - Can Vuhdo display these. I only want them on my Unit frames (target & self, maybe focus and target of target).


    4) Rage/Energy bars - I know that Vuhdo automatically displays mana levels but is there any way to add other resources? Again just on Unit frames, not raid/party frames.


    5) Target of target - As you can see from the screenshot I have my focus frame (Special > Focus) above my player frame (Special > Self). I would like to do the same with target of target above my target frame. Is there any way to do this?


    I know here's a lot of questions here but I do like Vuhdo and want to get the most out of it.

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    Under Tools/Profiles you can select the one or more specs that activate this profile. Build a healing spec and set it to auto load when you're in that spec. Build a separate DPS spec and set that to auto load when in that spec.


    Not tried it but I'm guessing that should do what you want, just like how my profiles switch depending on what size group I'm in.

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    Target frame only displays when focus is set.

    I want to use Vuhdo to replace my unit frames. However, when setting up a target frame it won't display unless I have a focus set. If I have a focus set, it correctly displays whatever is my current target, but delete the focus and the target frame disappears too.




    I created three panels, all custom - self, target and focus (would you consider a target of target frame?). The lower left is the self. Above it is my focus. To the right is the target. As you can see the target frame only shows when a focus is set. It doesn't matter what the focus is set to, just as long as it's set the target frame shows.

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    One thing I noticed was that the changed portal location is for all characters. Is there a way to leave the old portal in place until the character has completed the appropriate quest to relocate it?


    As it stands with my alts the first portal to the right of centre as you look at them has no overlay.

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    REQUEST 1)

    Simple, but the barker - add 2 zeros to the max on each slider setting (EnchantrixBarker.lua) as setting the max enchant to 25g is pointless. 

    I know I can go in each time and edit the file but I thought that as it's in a new release phase, these 3 sliders (max and step for each) would not be a big change.

    REQUEST 2) 


    Trade zones - ditch the list of zones, ditch the short names. Just look to see if channel 2 exists. No maintenance then needed for each update. No language issues. Works in any area there is a trade chat. 


    On the same theme, allow test barker anywhere. 


    I'll also be donating if this addon gets released for Legion, regardless of whether these are in the code. If necessary I can update the code myself for the Barker.

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    Pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Just installed it having returned to WoW for WoD after a long break.

    Only one thing I would add - remove PVP flag when AFK then reflag when no longer AFK. Call me a wimp if you want but if I tab out for a few minutes I don't fancy getting AFK ganked. I'd rather fight but if I'm not there...

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    Following the previous comment on this issue I knocked up a dirty proof of concept for a different way of handling the data.  As the database of items grew and also the size of bags grew, processing all items and quests became unwieldy.

    I have proven here that splitting the data and reducing the amount that is handled each time drastically improved response times.  As I am back in the game for a while, and as no-one else is currently workign on the addon I'll put my design into the new build and hopefully see it working more efficiently again...

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    Don't work with 0.8.6.  Seems all hte addons I use with a "script" folder crash the game on load.

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    0.8.6 will not load with this addon.  Is there a fix coming?

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