• posted a message on BGCallouts

     How do you move the frame?

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  • posted a message on OmniCC

    When i try to queue for a random BG i get "OmniCC has been blocked from an action only available in the Blizzard UI." :(

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  • posted a message on flyPlateBuffs

    Is it somehow possible to not show the last phase of a debuff to show up in so many digits? It's really confusing when so many numbers change in miliseconds and completely unnecessary.

    I did try it with OmniCC and it seems to work that only 1 digit numbers are showing up, even in the ending phase, however, somehow omniCC gives me an error when i try to pvp :(

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  • posted a message on Tidy Plates: Clean Plates
    maybe a stupid question, but how do i turn of friendly nameplates... i didnt see it in the options :/
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