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    Is there any chance that Tiptac will be maintained again? Without a updates the errors are piling up. :(


    Been using this tooltip addon since WotLK and nothing compares to it in use and function.


    Can the owner change it so the addon can be maintained even if he's away? All Rights Reserved = no one but the owner can maintain the addon. :(

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    After 6 years people have become used to how one addon is used, and being a raidframe addon, it's used everytime a player is playing the game over the years (I use it with tank and DPS alts, even).

    It becomes part of the WoW experience itself.

    In programming KISS principle applies (basic features that will work regardless of healing class be enabled and ready for use, not having to setup the entire raidframe itself to use it -- like Grid and Healbot requires). Which is one of the reasons people use it, down time learning a new addon for critical functions is time away from playing the game itself.

    So switching from VuhDo to another addon isn't like switching from Recount to Skada, it's switching from DBM to Grid.

    Apples and oranges.

    When this addon is down, it's more than just a healing addon being removed, it affects how this raidframe was designed overall -- as a healing *and* raid monitoring program. It's not simply a healbot program, there is nothing else like it to switch too -- and compatible and useful in both PvE and PvP (and their specific addons).

    It either has to be maintained or someone build a replacement using the methods used in VuhDo so players don't have to relearn -- after 6 years -- how to play WoW again (as without it it's like playing with the default UI...ugh).

    I'm not kidding how critical VuhDo became overall. If Iza doesn't pass the baton, someone with LUA programming knowledge, build the spiritual successor.

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    Having used VuhDo since before Kevyne was level 80 in WotLK, there is no other addon in WoW (and I've tried nearly every "must have" addon at Curse and WoWAce) that I'll call so essential to play, that I even define games worth playing by it.

    It's due to the features and utility that's beyond just a healing frame. That nth level of customization, thats useful for any class and role.

    In 6 years (three expansions) this will be the first time VuhDo isn't being maintained, and symbolizes the need that critical addons in a game either need to be co-maintained; or, incorporated into WoW itself, especially during these twilight WoW years as the game's very popular addon maintainers leave "for good".

    Iza, can you pass the baton over to a new maintainer for the good of the game? If not, give your blessing to copy it? This addon is too crucial to let die on the vine -- especially now since Blizzard can/will ban players with LUA errors from addons -- which would be the outcome of this sweet addon if not maintained.

    Last update was April 25, 2014 and it's already two patch revisions behind. :(

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