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    You can use spec IDs, not the names, which area localized, i.e. instead of "WARLOCK-Destruction" - "WARLOCK-3".

    And change line:

    local _, specName = GetSpecializationInfo(GetSpecialization())


    local _, specName = GetSpecialization()

    There's no need of localization :)

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    Yes, fixed. Thank you for quick reply and quick fix :)


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    Thank you for the nice addon. Unfortunately I can't manage it to show rares' names in it's main window. In General channel announcements rares' names are ok though.

    ruRU realm. Here's how it looks like:

    Is it possible to fix? Thank you.

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  • posted a message on Yay Mounts


    [153489] = "scaling", --Iron Skyreaver

    to the bottom of YayMountsData.lua


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  • posted a message on Elephant

    Thank you for your work!

    Is there any way to store logs account-wide? Or, at least, faction-wide? I have 11 twinks and they are all in one guild. It should be very nice to have possibility to read history of guild chat after re-login with another toon. The same goes for logs on private chats of any my character.

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    It's definitely strange, I can't find CompactRaidFrame... in code of Volumizer, but it throws errors like people wrote about, regularly.:(


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  • posted a message on Rogue: Subtlety

    Thank you for your work, good addon!

    Unfortunately, addon doesn't work correctly in russian (may be other localized) realms, because you check name of spec - "Subtlety". Please, change that two pieces of code, where comparison to string "Subtlety" is made, to something like this:   

    -- check spec
        local _,currentClass = UnitClass("player")
        local currentSpec = GetSpecialization()

        if currentClass == "ROGUE" and currentSpec == 3 then

    This code will work with any localization.

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    Is it movable? If yes, how? :)


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    Can you provide all (*temporary) values, please? I still can't reproduce this issue. 

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    I had the same issue. So I just copied that library into Addons folder to be loaded directly by game client 

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