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    When I right click Dungeons & Raids for example, to open the mini-list, absolutely everything on that list is expanded (every raid and dungeon), both in the mini-list and in the main window, forcing me to click everything one by one to collapse them, to find something specific.


    Is there a way to disable this automatic expanding of categories, or a slash command to collapse everything?

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    Requesting a way to modify minimap position by X/Y coordinates from the options menu. (To make pixel adjustments and align middle, etc.)


    Is this possible? Maybe it's already there and I'm stupid

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  • posted a message on WeakAuras 2

    Found a small bug:

    Select New -> From Template, then in the window with presets (progress texture, texture, model etc.) minimize with the button top right, and press it again - the window is blank!

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    Could you help with identifying which addons are doing this? I've disabled all out-of-date addons, and still getting massive piles of errors when friendly nameplates are enabled (count: 7872 on one of them before I could even copy-paste it into my notepad) The errors don't mention any addon names

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    Trying to position the tooltip with position: cursor, and then using the Anchor menu. The tooltip warps around between two positions and won't stay still. It works as expected with position: cursor right, but that is wrong position for me and can not be modified (the anchor button doesn't work when this is selected)

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  • posted a message on Clean and Complete UI Pack for Raiding
    Over half of the addons do not have a profile, including actionbar addon and grid.
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