• posted a message on EventHorizon

    Heee. This Addon won't load anymore ingame T-T

    In my Addon-List it's activated. But the class specific part won't load, even if I type /ehz.

    It isn't active ingame. What happend! I cry



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  • posted a message on Exorsus Raid Tools


    This Addon is awesome, but I have one problem.

    When I click "Raid inspect" "other info" there's a list of all raidmembers, speccs and time? ( like on your pictures 19:08:36), but the stats (like agi, int, mastery etc.) are missing. The part, where it should be, is blank.

    What did I do wrong? Other people in my raid can see it like it should be.

    My Addon is up to date.



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  • posted a message on Shadow Priest DoT Timer

    Hey Captain.

    It's Dræw here. I think i destroyed your Addon again =(

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