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    If you get in combat while a list is open in the pokedex options pane (for example looking for a mount in the list), the window get closed but buggy, fps drops and some pokedex options dissappear, others are not clickable, had to reload to fix.

    Thanks for the addon.

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    First of all thank you for your addon, is my favorite one for auction house.

    I have a suggestion, when you search items through a list (Favorites) it would be very useful to explicitly show the items of your list that are not actually in the auction house (now it just skip them and have to compare one by one to find them).

    Thanks again, greetings.

    PD: Other 2 suggestions:

    - A way to edit the name of a favorite list.

    - The addon automatically sort alphabetically the lists but it considers uppercases bigger than lowercases (A>B>....Z>a>b>....z), I guess it would be more practical to consider them as equivalent.

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    Thanks for the addon, this is one of the mandatories for me.

    A little suggestion, is it possible to add filter options more directly? For example add buttons in a list with "Open all mails with money", "Open all AH mails", etc. Instead of having to set the filtering options each time one wants to do mass actions.

    Thanks, Greetings.

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    Thanks you for the addon, it's very useful.

    I wonder if it is possible to add more searching options (for instance search all the Binds on account items through all characters or all helms, etc) or would it be too much work?

    I mean the syntax already used by bagnon: https://github.com/Jaliborc/LibItemSearch-1.0/wiki/Search-Syntax



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    I second the suggestion.

    It could be an option to record the player coordinate at the moment that a NPC is found, maybe in the chat message.

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    The addon is working

    Maybe your problem is the one pointed in the descripcion

    Note: Windows Vista and Windows 7 users see this info if your cache isn't in the location above.

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    Just NPCs.

    There is no way to track objects via Addons, it is possible with external applications but they are not allowed by Blizzard.

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    That's a great idea, thanks for share it. You could just have that empty creaturecache respalded in the Wow folder then when a patch delete it you just have to copy it again.

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    • Minimap button option is not working correctly if you have it checked and you load a profile with it unchecked and viceversa.
      The tick visually changes but it doesn't do its work and you have to set it manually.
    • I don't know if this is intended or not, or if it is a Titan Panel or ProfessionsVault issue:
      With the titan panel plugin if you have the auto-hide mode enabled when you mouseover the ProfessionsVault label, the bar hides quickly (still if you continue mousing-over the label) unlike other plugins do, it's just a little detail.
    • And a little suggestion, it could be nice to set which professions the Titan Panel plugin toltip shows, like let us specify which characters we want to see there, which professions of each char, hide "all recipes" links, etc.

    Many thanks for the addon.

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    Continuing the Blodaks's post for auto clear cache, I'll show you the bat that I use for delete cache when I start wow; the main difference is that with the Blodaks's command you don't need to specify the location of the NPCs cache file, making it simpler, but since it searches in the subdirectories for the file you specified is slower, if you take the time to put the specific location of the file then you can save a couple of seconds each time you open wow (depending of your computer of course).


    Creating a file to auto-delete cache and open Wow for Windows:

    Summarized guide:

    Open the folder where is installed your Wow, create a new .txt file and put this code:

    erase Cache\WDB\enUS\creaturecache.wdb
    start Wow.exe

    Correct "enUS" in case you use other language and Wow.exe in case your launcher has other name (if it has spaces put the name inside quotation marks: "name of the file.exe".

    Now save the file and change its extension to .bat, now you can do a shortcut to it and it's done.

    Step by step guide:

    1. Open the folder where you installed wow (usually found in C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\ or C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft).

    2. Here create a new txt file, name it how you want, it doesn't matter but you could name it as "Wow.txt" (without quotes) just to make it easy to identify.

    3. Open the txt file with a text editor (like notepad) and copy this:

      erase Cache\WDB\enUS\creaturecache.wdb
      start Wow.exe

      Where it says enUS replace it with the code of the language that you use.
      If for some reason your executable has other name, replace it instead Wow.exe, for example, for 64-bit users it should be WoW-64.exe

      You can use the launcher instead, in that case you need to put:
      erase Cache\WDB\enUS\creaturecache.wdb
      start "" "World of Warcraft Launcher.exe"
      Replacing enUS or the executable file in case you have other names installed for them (see note above).
      Here the quotation marks are necessary since the executable has spaces in its name, and when we use quotation marks in the command start, MS-DOS could interpret our file name as a parameter for the tiltle of the new window and will not run our program, so we give it an empty string quoted: "" , that way we avoid problems.

      Optionally, if, for some reason, you want to delete the whole Cache folder with all its subdirectories (instead of just the NPC cache file) each time you run this bat, then you need to put:
      rd /s /q Cache
      start Wow.exe
      Changing Wow.exe for the name of your executable in case that you need or for the launcher executable name if you want, as described above.

      [External link: list of MS-DOS command], in case you want to know what exactly they do.

    4. When you are ready save the txt file and close your note editor.

    5. Now change the name of your file, probably named Wow.txt for Wow.bat (or any name you want but with the .bat extension), it will ask you for confirmation, just press yes.
      If you are unable to see the file extensions then you need to put them visible in the folder options window [How to: for Windows 7].
      If you can't see the option to unhide the file extension then probably you have an issue with your registry and you should search for help in specialized web pages. [external link: a possible solution].

    6. Now your file is ready to work!
      You can make a shortcut of it in your desktop and set an icon for the shortcut, the obvious choice would be the Wow icon that you can find in your World of Warcraft directory. [external link: changing the icon]

    Note: You can edit the code of the bat fastly right-clicking the file and selecting edit, then the .bat will open with your note editor and when you save the changes it will remain as .bat.


    Maybe something like this could be added to the addon description, it could be useful.

    I'm sorry for the language mistakes that maybe I made, I'm still learning english, since it's not my native language =)


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