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    I have the same with it, my Decursive will go ape-shit.
    But mostly for me it happens when im in a group / raid, when solo playing nothing will fuck it up.

    Btw the constant spam messages u can get rid of with: ErrorFilter

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    Anything should work with OmniCC, from the action bars to the inventory, from the standard interface to your favorite add-on.

    Find this a very ballsy statement, because it's not true at all,
    This addon screw's with Decursive very hard,
    I also don't have to see my cooldown of a Despell / Purge on Decursive,
    You might want to focus OmniCC only on the actionbars.
    Not the rest, because it's kind of annoying to see 2 numbers in a square thats not even close to half a centimetre by half the same. Decursive itself already has a cooldown animation on it just like the standard WoW GUI has.

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