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    I didn't seem to be able to see, let alone open, the present box for Mischief, but I might have missed something obvious. [edit] I did see Mischief, just no box to click, nor a right-click Unwrap option.


    In the end I changed Rematch -> Options -> Miscellaneous -> Use Default Pet Journal, which let me see and open the box, then I unchecked that option again.

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    The download button points to v1.8.6 (aka v0.15.6), not v0.15.7. Was that intended?

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    Same for the Prestigious War Wolf. Apparently a friend of mine using this add-on can see it but she doesn't have it yet. I got mine the other day and it's not showing up until I disable this add-on.

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    Suggestion: have MP replace the Class Hall Report button with a/the Garrison Report button while you're in your garrison.


    Or maybe use right-click on the CHR button to open the Garrison Report window.

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    Instead of adding another icon to the mini-map, would it be possible to add this info to the tooltip for the big Class Hall Report icon?

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    Should be an easy fix: edit CrossRealmAssist\embeds.xml and add ".xml" to the AceConfig line.


    Unified diff snippet:

             <Include file="Libs\AceGUI-3.0\AceGUI-3.0.xml"/>
    -        <Include file="Libs\AceConfig-3.0\AceConfig-3.0"/>
    +        <Include file="Libs\AceConfig-3.0\AceConfig-3.0.xml"/>
             <Script file="Libs\LibRealmInfo\LibRealmInfo.lua"/>


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    Suggestion: When calculating the total experience gained by a party you should take into account non-epic lvl 100 followers that are about to turn epic not making full use of the XP gained.

    Example: My recommended party was one epic follower and two rares who both needed to get around 2.5k XP to turn epic. The base + bonus reward was 11.5k. Predicted XP gain was 23k or so when it should've been closer to 5k. That would've made a different group comp show as a better fit.

    There's the potential that you'll end up with a bunch of followers just shy of turning epic because others keep getting favored. In practice I don't think that will be much of an issue, and players can always force one of those followers into a party.

    Basically for each follower it's:

      baseXP_ = min(baseXP, xpNeeded)
      bonusXP_ = min(bonusXP, xpNeeded - baseXP_) // second arg is 0 if baseXP >= xpNeeded
      xpGained = baseXP_ + missionChance * bonusXP_

    where I'm assuming baseXP and bonusXP already include the various follower/group boosts

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    When I go to the built-in pet journal and filter on text (e.g. "spirit" or "panda") and then put one of those pets in a cage or release them, the list updates but the filter isn't re-applied. I thought this was a Blizzard bug, but the problem goes away when I disable Rematch. No Lua errors that I could see. Could you have a look?

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    Ah, looks like you've mentioned this already (had to do some comment digging): please help me put on my Safari Hat buff. Whether it's a button to press (probably gonna forget to do that) or maybe a toggle-button that automatically applies it (either after I rez or before I start a battle), or maybe just a quick reminder dialog when loading a team with a leveling slot ("Activate Safari Hat? [Yeah] [Nah]"). I know there's an add-on out there, but it seems rather heavy-weight to me, duplicating some of Rematch's functionality. Similarly, but probably a different UI: lesser pet treat button (25% xp bonus).

    Oh, and I don't know if this is possible, but could you use the pet breed info from PetTracker? You might need some help from its author to get access to it, dunno if he's open to that. It looks like he's using an updated (forked?) version of the pet breed database.

    And I think I saw a comment related to the following as well: for leveling teams, in addition to specifying  a health minimum for a team, also let us specify an optimal level range; I'd rather put e.g. a lvl 14 pet up against Lydia than a lvl 24. You might be able to pre-set some sensible default ranges based on the pet level of each tamer (via PetTracker?).

    On a meta note: could you add a "to do, at some point, no promises" section to the description?

    (I <3 Rematch. Switched from PBT at 6.0, and _wow!_)

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    I love Farmhand and I've recommended it to all my friends and guildies, Blizzard really should have had this UI, or something like it, to begin with.

    May I make a suggestion? I tend to lose track of which of my toons have done the cooking school bell daily. As a quick (local) hack I added a check for the Token quest not having been done yet as a condition for showing the button, but this makes dismissing Nomi annoying (since that makes the button disappear when you finish the daily quest) and obviously doesn't check the Lesson dailies. Instead I wonder if you could add an overlay with a blue exclamation point to the button to signal the availability of Nomi's daily?

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