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    I've noticed that the Average iLevel calc doesn't seem to work as one would expect when a toon has one two-handed weapon equipped.  I have my toons' iLevels for each slot entered into an Excel spreadsheet with a average calc and noticed that it sometimes matches and sometimes is off by one.  First, I'm guessing that DCS is just reporting the internal game-calculated average iLevel, so this wouldn't be a request for a fix to DCS.  More of a request for confirmation of my guesses on how the calc works.


    The standard calculation for iLevel with all slots filled including both Main Hand and Off-Hand, the Average iLevel would be the total of all slots divided by 16, then truncated if the Decimals are set to zero.  So normally one would expect that with one two-handed weapon is equipped, the calc would be the total of all slots divided by 15, as only 15 slots are used, then truncated. However, this is where it doesn't always match up.


    The only way I've been able to get my spreadsheet's calc match the one shown in DCS is to treat the Off-Hand slot as if it were filled with another piece of gear with the same iLevel as the two-handed weapon and divide the total by 16 (then truncate).  This just doesn't seem right to me, that it would artificially inflate or deflate the Average iLevel depending on the iLevel of the weapon equipped as compared to where the average is.

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    Oops! (smacks self on forehead.)  I knew that Race could affect some stats, but didn't think to include that info in my first results post.  Sorry about that.


    Lock 1:  Goblin                   Lock 2:  Worgen

    DK 1:  Orc                           DK 2:  Human

    Shaman 1:  Goblin             Shaman 2:  Draenei

    Hunter 1:  Troll (Female)   Hunter 2:  Troll (Male)   Hunter 3:  Gnome

    DH 1:  Blood Elf                  DH 2:  Night Elf

    Rogue 1:  Goblin                 Rogue 2:  Gnome

    Monk 1:  Blood Elf              Monk 2:  Pandaren

    Mage 1:  Pandaren             Mage 2:  Dwarf

    Warrior 1:  Orc                    Warrior 2:  Dwarf

    Paladin:  Tauren                  Druid:  Night Elf


    I'll take a look at the former and current zeros after the game comes back up.


    Update:  I'm not exactly sure what you meant in your instructions  by "click 'Enhancements' checkbox...and verify whether previous zeros are now small but positive percentages."  I have the Enhancements checked all the time on the Character Frame and have all of the enhancements stats checked to be displayed but none of the Enhancements Ratings checked.  Also, I'm assuming you wanted me to check whether the Class/Specs which had zeros displaying previous to my modifying the DCSLayouts.lua are now showing not zero percent but a small, i.e. less than 0.5, value.  Once I got in game, I did just that.  All of the stats for the Class/Specs which originally showed 0% prior to the lua change are showing 0.00% when I cursor over them.  I did spot check a few Classes/specs which had not shown the zeros prior to the lua change, and they all also showed only 0.00% on the 0% stats.  The only stat which was 0% and showed on other value was Versatility on the three Hunters (all the rest that I checked had 1% or higher value for Versa) on the second part of the Versa stat (the Damage decrease portion), typically 0.35%.

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    Sorry it took so long to get back here to update this thread with my test results, but here goes.  Okay, so I tested all Class/Spec combinations, some of them twice (different toons, I have 30 in all), except Priest.  The only Priest I have is a level 1 Bank Toon who can't activate different specs.


    First, after I did my testing, I changed the line in DCSLayouts.lua like you suggested above and it seems to work perfectly.  I only looked at a couple of Class/Spec combos that had tested as not showing the 0%'s during my earlier testing, but they both were showing the 0's now.


    OK, the testing showed some odd-looking results.  Odd as in not along Class or Spec or even what specs I've played before lines.  Here's what I saw:


    Lock 1:  Horde / Level 110 / Destro showed 0's, the other two

                 specs did not.  I've only played Destro on her.

    Lock 2:  Alliance / Level 90 / Only ever played Destro.

                  All specs showed no 0's.


    DK 1:  Horde / Level 102 / Unholy showed 0's, other specs

               did not.  Played Frost several xpacs ago, but only

               Unholy since starting to use DejaCharacterStats.

    DK 2:  Alliance / Level 110 / Same results as DK 1, played

               the same specs as DK 1.


    Shaman 1:  Horde / Level 103 / Only ever played

                        Enhancement, all specs showed no 0's.

    Shaman 2:  Alliance / Level 81 / Played Elemental several

                        xpacs ago, only played Enhancement since

                        starting to use DejaCharacterStats.  All specs

                        showed no 0's also.


    Hunter 1:  Horde / Level 32 / Only played as Marksmanship.

                      MM showed 0's, the other two specs did not.

    Hunter 2:  Horde / Level 30 / Only played as Beastmaster.

                      BM showed 0's, the  other two specs did not.

    Hunter 3:  Alliance / Level 83 / Only played as Beastmaster.

                      All three specs showed no 0's.

                      (See what I mean about odd results?)


    DH 1:  Horde / Level 102 / Only played as Havoc.  Havoc

               showed 0's, Vengeance did not.

    DH 2:  Alliance / Level 110 / Everything exactly the same as

               DH 1.


    Rogue 1:  This is not a Star Wars joke :)

                     Anyway, Horde / Level 102 / Only played as Outlaw

                    (or its predecessor).  Outlaw showed 0's, the other

                    two specs did not.

    Rogue 2:  Alliance / Level 110 / Everything exactly the same

                     as Rogue 1.


          Ready for some more oddness?


    Monk 1:  Horde / Level 110 / Played mostly as Windwalker

                   but a little as Mistweaver.  Brewmaster showed no

                   0's, WW and MW did.

    Monk 2:  Alliance / Level 48 / Played only as WW.  All specs

                    showed no 0's.


    Mage 1:  Horde / Level 57 / Only ever played as Frost.

                    Frost showed 0's, the other two specs did not.

    Mage 2:  Alliance / Level 82 / Only ever played as Frost, all

                   three specs showed no 0's.


    Warrior 1:  Horde / Level 50 / Only ever played as Fury.  All

                        three specs showed no 0's.

    Warrior 2:  Alliance / Level 30 / Everything exactly the same

                       as Warrior 1.


    Paladin:  Horde / Level 100 / Only ever played as Retribution.

                    Ret showed 0's, the other two specs did not.


    Druid:  Alliance / Level 26 / Played almost exclusively as

                Balance, played a little as Feral early on, but not in

                several xpacs.  All four specs showed no 0's.


    Well, those are my testing results.  I hope you can find something useful in there, but as I said, the results look sort of...odd.

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    Hmm, interesting.  I'll have to check my toons and see which classes/specs are showing zeros and which aren't.  I had thought it was by level, low vs. high, until I started looking while commenting above.  


    I figured that the reappearance of the hidden stats in unlocked mode was intentional, because it makes sense that they should be then.  


    I also figured the Mastery thing was something along the lines of what you said.


    I'll update this post after I check my various classes.

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    Why on my lower level toons do the Enhancement Stats which are currently at 0% disappear when I lock down the stat display?  I understand, kinda, the Mastery thing, sort of.  But things like Avoidance, Leech, Block, Parry, etc. completely disappear when I click the Lock DCS button and re-appear when I click Unlock DCS.  I have these stats selected to be shown, but unless the toon is higher level any stats at 0% go away.  I'm not sure exactly at what level these stats start showing up.  I have an Alliance Monk that's level 48, no 0% stats.  My next higher leveled toon is a Horde Mage (on a different server) who is level 57 and all stats show up even the ones at 0%.  Then I have an Alliance Rogue on yet a third server who is level 60 and the stats at 0% don't show for her.  I don't understand why they show on some toons and not on others.  I like to see all of my toons' stats even if they're 0.


    If possible, I'd like to see Mastery on low level toons also.  I know the default Blizz UI doesn't show it until like level 80, I think?  But if you look at your toon on Blizzard.net, it'll give you a Mastery value for any toon above level 10.  Usually 16 - 20%.  If you can get your toon to show up these days, that is.

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    Cool.  Yeah, bosses can be funny like that.  :)

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    Howdy, Goranaws.  I see you've been back on Curse working on some of your projects lately.  Any chance for some love for Dominos_Pets to fix the issue I told you about earlier (see post #3)?  It's been quite a while.  :)

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    No problem.  :)  Hopefully it will work.  I first noticed this on the Guild Frame where all of my toons who are Exalted with their Guild show an empty bar which shows "1/1" when I cursor over it.  The "1/1" part now makes sense from what you posted above from the Blizz code, however the bars are still showing empty to me.  I'll have to unload all addons and see if something is affecting Blizz's display.

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    Great job!  I like the different color for the Paragon progress bar from the other "normal" rep progress bars.  


    Speaking of those progress bars, any idea why the progress bars for Exalted reps are showing as empty (black with no green)?  They show the 42000/42000 and 100.00%, but look empty.  They used to show progress towards x/1000 Exalted (well, 999 anyway) and I'm wondering if Blizz removed that aspect of Exalted rep and this somehow affected the progress bars ability to show as full.

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    Cool.  The new version works perfectly in regards to displaying the X of Y rep in the Reputation Frame.  Thanks for the good work and quick response.  :)

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