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    Nope, something is super wonky with PetTracker. Every few seconds my FPS drops to 0 and freezes for a split second. It only happens with PetTracker enabled. I tried clearing the cache but it's still happening. Makes the game completely unplayable.

     Same experience for me. Went through my addons 1 by 1 and determined that this was the one that was causing a maddening choppiness.  Love this addon, but have disabled it until this is solved.
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    Quote from matt0717 >>

    I'm not sure about the above fix, but if you apply the fixes that this guy did, there are no errors and the addon seems to function properly:



     Note that you need all of the files at this location, including the libs. Easiest way is to download the zip file and copy them into your directory.
    After that, it worked fine for me. Thanks for sharing.
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    I don't know much about using github, and I could not figure out how to download the file. However, I copied the text and pasted into a new lua file in my directory and it seems to work fine.


    Thanks for sharing.

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    Love the addon. Is anyone else having an issue with the mini-map button not holding it's position after logging or porting?


    I am using Sexy Map & Dominos.

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    Yay! This is one of the very few addons that I use just for the fun of it. Thank you so much.

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    Agreed. I have never liked this action. I don't run Decursive to debug my addons. I run it to remove curses. To me, it is just chat spam.


    I see no reason that turning this nag off would make Decursive useless. Blizz lets us turn off lua error reporting, why can't you?


    Love the addon, otherwise.

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    Update: I have picked up an addon called "Class Hall" that hides the default bar and allows me to enjoy the TP top bar as before. I will use it as a work around.

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    I also have the persistent tooltip icon issue.



    WORK AROUND: I have found that if I hover over a different WQ in the list that I can get it to drop. Have not figured out what types cause it stick or to drop, but it is the work around that I am using till update with fix comes.

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    Same for me. Using Blizz bags or no bag handler. Greens, blues and purples below ilvl 800 display as either 660 or 680. Items 800 ilvl & higher report true.

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    Quote from HonorGoG >>

    ... Please click on the right-most thumbs-up icon ...

     Done. And thank you for your timely response.
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