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    The first one I added was this quest: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=42220/shipwrecked-sailors



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    Hi. I receive this error when I try to use the Tier 5 Option for some classes, Order Hall Advancements that "Allows to place a work order for an item which will instantly complete a World Quest once every 18 hours."


    Disabling this addon resolves the issue, here is the error message it creates:


    Error occured in: AddOn: LegionTreasures
    Count: 1
    Message: Error: AddOn LegionTreasures attempted to call a forbidden function (UseWorldMapActionButtonSpellOnQuest()) from a tainted execution path.
       [C]: UseWorldMapActionButtonSpellOnQuest()
       [C]: ?
       [C]: ?
       [C]: ?


    Here is the full taintLog 2


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    Hi, I have a suggestion. I have it set to avoid PvP servers which works great.


    But there are certain PvP World Quests like Warden Towers or Bareback Brawl etc that automatically flag you for PvP.


    In these cases, it doesn't really matter what server I get moved to, as long as the group fills fast, so my suggestion is to override the ignore PvP servers for PvP World quests.

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    Hi, cool addon, I like the Quick Join but usually forget to check it so this helps me out.


    One issue is that a lot of people use an addon called World Quest Group Finder to instantly make/join temporary groups for World Quests. You can usually see a ton of those groups under Questing with the addon information printed in it.


    Would there a way for this addon to filter out if my friends\guildmates are joining those World Quest Group Finder groups and bringing up a Toast notification, because I'm not interested in seeing them.

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    Something changed today, maybe the bug was fixed. Game looks great without addon now.

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    Well, this addon has served me well over the last year.


    It looks like finally in 7.1 Blizzard added the Encounters to the LFR Wing Dropdown menu so this addon will not be needed anymore.

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    Hi, lovely addon. I'm using it in conjunction with this macro atm, and it's going incredibly fast.


    /tar Large
    /castsequence Festering Strike,Festering Strike,Festering Strike,Apocalypse
    /cast Dark Command
    /click LFGDungeonReadyDialogEnterDungeonButton
    /script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44188))

    Edit: Spent pretty much the whole day grinding before the quest flagged true. A full run in the Proving Grounds using this addon takes me 23 seconds. The tries counter helped me keep my sanity. Took me 648 Apocalyspe casts. Good luck.

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    Hey one minor optimization suggestion. In Highmountain, you kill Rashar, then Irewing, then Morushu. Addie does 20k dps and is with you until you kill Irewing then she returns back to camp making the Morushu fight take a lot longer than it needs to be if you fought Irewing last.


    Thanks again for the great addon and I hope you make one for the next expansion it is such a great quality of life improvement (working on 11th level 110 now)

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    Hi. Trying to use this in a guild raid where several items are dropping.


    Using the coordinate rolls feature, say 4 items are popping up as tradable.


    If one person that got an item whispers me the word 'trade', it nearly always responds that it can't find an item, to link it. They link it and nothing happens. Linking it with the word trade in one whisper also doesn't work. Only one time it actually worked with everything being equal, and I made sure I was raid leader each time (which is a slight inconvenience but ok, I read your reasoning for that in another comment.)


    I figure we can only do rolls for one item at a time, but does the addon remember more than just the last piece of loot or how does it work in raids with several items?


    Also one other suggestion, with many people in the raid it usually only lists 3-4 people as possible upgrade potentials. Can it prioritize the people with the lowest items first (biggest upgrade)? It might make the roll feature not as important because giving someone a bigger upgrade to me is more important than winning a random roll but both options ok. Sometimes people are shy to roll when something is actually an ilvl upgrade.

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