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    Whenever I try attaching more than one object, my entire colony is attacked by a space kraken when the pylons just give up, unattach, and start flying around, and it just cost me my Minmus colony. I was even attaching very minimally to prevent to many links to one pylon, and that the links weren't overlapping. How do I prevent/fix this? Unless this is fixed, I recommend you stay away from the mod, it will most likely do more harm than good

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  • posted a message on Good Night's Sleep Dimensions

    In the nightmare, you could not just hunt the normally occuring mobs there, but a special, vile mob could also be hunting you. Hunter becomes the hunted. A slight ringing in your ears as a vile thing in the distance screeches nonstop as it charges toward you, hidden by the darkness. The ringing gets louder and louder as you ponder the source until...*SCREAM* dead. Normal mobs get boring after a while, and that would be an interesting addition.

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