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    I've recently made to switch to BigWigs from the mess that DBM could be. I'm loving the customization and the simplicity of the the interface panel and I was ecstatic to see that there was an "exact positioning" option to place my alerts to exact locations. Unfortunately, the x- and y- axis coordinates scale to 2048 for some reason, and even when I relate them to 1920x1080 (my monitor's resolution) it's still wildly off. 
    I'd love to know how i can get this issue resolved as it would make a neat-freak like myself so much happier with their UI. :) 
    Things I have considered that have not had an opportunity to test: I use ElvUI, I have ElvUI's UI scaling turned on, I have WoW set to borderless windowed. 

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    Hello all,

    I have recently began reconstructing my UI and the problem I hope to be solved by Move Anything is this:

    Several Blizzard functionality enchancing add-ons such as Prat and SexyMap do not come with a x- and y- coordinate control system. Does MoveAnything support Blizzard systems once they have been modified by another add-on? 

    Also, what about complete indepdent third party add-ons such as Recount? Will MoveAnything have any configuration options for them?


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    Hello, AtlasLoot Enchanced team and general Curse viewers!

    I have been waiting since the launch of 5.4 for this addon to update and show the possible loots from the Timeless Isle rare mobs. I find it odd that every other MoP rare mob is accounted for, including those released after launch on the Isle of Thunder but not those on the Timeless Isle.

    I love this addon, and having a page that categorizes the effects of each item is greatly useful for collectors like myself. I really hope that others share my interest and we can expand this great addon.


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