• posted a message on mOnArs WardrobeHelper

    Want to report a possible bug:

    My hunter doesn't have "Dragonstalker's Helmet" from Onyxia, but when I enter raid and refresh items, there are only 3 weapons in that list.. Why is that?

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  • posted a message on Cancel Pet Fight

     Hi :) I love Your addon, and especially the auto-mark feature for pets that need to die (*sigh*) in the hunt for blue.
    However this function doesn't work when in raid group. Even if I have assist or I am a leader, it doesn't mark the pet automatically (I can mark with keybinds, but addon doesn't do that for me). Is this intended, or a bug?

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  • posted a message on HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures

    Great addon!

    While questing in Gorgond, I've found that rare Berthora and Strange Spore (dropping pet) are missing.

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  • posted a message on Altoholic

    Do You also use "Ackis Recipe List" addon? Because it needs for You to open Your skill window and click 'scan' for it to show the recipes as known/unknown correctly.

    So it mght be that You get one note from Altoholic, and one note from Ackis Recipe List.

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  • posted a message on Altoholic

    Though I always used to say that Altoholic is an amazing add-on, but during these 2 days I realized that this is actually an add-on that I cannot play without!!  o_O It's a nightmare checking alts to seee where my this or that toy is, where I have a few living steels or.. or ANYTHING.. This is an absolutely amazing addon! I just wanted to write this for other people to see and to say a HUGE THANKS to the creator/developers - You guys, did an AMAZING job, You make people's lifes and gameplay so much better!

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  • posted a message on RazerNaga

    Wow.. I can't believe what bug I've found o_O

    If You start tracking "Brawler's Guild" reputation, Your naga addon settings go crazy after next login o_O 'Character' section is gone, if You try loading another character's addon profile, EVERYTHING disappears (all action bars, everything, and configuration mode sees nothing too). It took me a loong time to figure out why my beloved Naga addon has gone crazy.

    Lua error says it has something to do with XP bar

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  • posted a message on Auto Safari Hat

    This feature with equiping the right team, doesn't work for me :( Or is it not intended for trainers? (I have many teams to battle trainers, would be awesome if teams were automatically selected)

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  • posted a message on PetBattle Teams


    I have quite a few teams, with names etc. and I need to change their order in the list, but I don't understand how I should do it.. In decription You say "reorder teams by control - dragging a pet." Dragging a pet only swaps pets between teams.. Is there a way to move teams  up/down the list?

    Would appreciate the answer and a HUGE THANKS for such a great addon!

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  • posted a message on Bagnon

    This was one of my most used features too, and I came here to see if the creator removed it!

    So if it's a bug, I'm looking forward for it being fixed!! :)

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