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    Just hard to find any tutorial which explains some basic ruleset, e.g. how to set a need rule when the need/greed pops up and there is a need indication (which, I suppose, comes from Blizzard), and greed for anything other.

    Searching the net I found a tutorial telling how to enable the tool but refusing to explain the rules (even basic), another one who told how to greed all (LOL!)...

    I'm writing that after trying to set it up (basic need/greed) and, at dungeon's end, I saw something I "needed" was handled as "greed". :(

    Downloaded passloot_itemscales now, will retry with that (I've Pawn).



    Passloot_scales did the thing: adding the suggested modification to the Need rule made PassLoot to auto-need when Pawn tells it the item is an upgrade for my toon's class/subclass.

    That's the whole things I needed by Passloot:

    1. a simple Need rule: Can need -> Pawn 'current + 10' points -> need
    2. a simple Greed rule: Can Greed -> greed

    That's all I need to do random dungeons without being interrupted by need/greed popups which clutters my display, forbidding me to see casting times etc.


    Maybe in the future I'll add more subtle/complex rules but I achieved 99% of what I needed.

    Strange that Blizzard's interface can't be set to auto-need/greed but I can see how it lacks things like Pawn integration.

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    If I may give a suggestion, it's just a detail but, when one opens the color picker now it's set to white (rgb 1,1,1): to easy copy the current color to another scale you may (pre)set it at the "actual scale color" (e.g. if the scale is blue, rgb 0,0,1, I'll have it set to blue) and add a "copy color" button it will be nice. :-)

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    not sure if it's correct but, for Demon Hunter Vengeance, accordingly to icy veins (survivability), I modified the default scale (keeping it visible to compare) in the following way:



    Haste=0.5 (same as default)

    Mastery=0.5 (same as default)



    Not that big change but it gives me some indications if something is "better for survivability"... well... I hope. :D

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    It may be interesting (at least for me ;)) to know how much mails are left to open, when Postal loops into the mail opening wait. Just to know how much time I'll have to stay there for the full mailbox's flush.


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    Why don't you take over the (seems) abandoned project?

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    Thanks for the very nice addon. :-)


    A better explanation on the use may be useful to the ones, such as me, are a little confused on the way to bring out the panel shown up here (the only image in the page): I only saw totals hovering my cursor on the bags' money total (I'm using Bagnon, just to say).


    In that small panel (totals for all my chars in the realm) I also saw that numbers doesn't align that well: as long as silvers and coppers are single (or no) ciphers the golds/silvers shift to right. Not that big problem, just a little difficult to compare totals through chars (just adding 1 or 2 '0' padding to silvers/coppers should fix it).


    Are there other commands? Sorry for these questions but I'm having some problems figuring how it works. :(


    All apart, I'm appreciating the totals panel. :-)



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