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    I am using the updated MRP and when I mouse over my portrait, my tooltip is not displaying the MRP text at all. However, mousing over anyone else and their tooltips are displayed. I am using the following addons: SpartanUI, Sexymap, Bartender4, Omen. I used MRp all the time way back when and these same addons and remember this being issue that would randomly sort itself out after a while. But for now it isnt working properly. Help?




    I did some trouble shooting, the usual turn off the addons till the problem is fixed, and it seems the clash is with SpartanUI. However, even with SpartanUI turned off, the tooltip still will only display MRP info when mousing over the picture part of the player frame, not when mousing over the healthbars/mana bars, it defaults to the WoW tooltip display.




    I too have the MRP tooltip when I mouse over the new personal resource monitor when ever I get into combat. Just not out of combat. When I disabled this resource, it did not change the tooltip to display my personal MRP.

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    Not sure if this has been asked before or covered elsewhere. I just DL'd tiptac, love it, awesome tooltipmod. One issue. I use MRP (MyRolePlay) and the tooltip when it hovers over my own name or someone else's portrait who also use an RP addon, the tooltip upon updating replaces the RP modded Names/Titles/Nicknames. It shows them for a split second, then it updates and overwrites. I turned off the update freq(set it to 0) and the titles/nicknames/names keep the RP mod modifications. Is there a work around to keep it updating but not have it change the name display?

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