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    Any chance of locking the elite missions to 100% ? If you need help testing hit me up.

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    for some reason i get 0 credit for mel francis in dalarans mounts. says i have 0% and i have them all

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    1239x Couldn't find CVar named 'ReducedLagTolerance'
    [C]: ?
    [C]: ?
    [C]: ?
    [C]: in function `SetCVar'
    Compensation\Compensation-1.2.2.lua:4: in function <Compensation\Compensation.lua:2>

    (*temporary) = "ReducedLagTolerance"
    (*temporary) = 1


    from blizz 

    We've renamed the custom lag tolerance cvar to "SpellQueueWindow".

    You can change it by entering the following in the chat window:
    /console SpellQueueWindow X

    Replace "X" with the lag tolerance you'd like to test (in milliseconds).

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    5x Outfitter\Outfitter-5.18.4.lua:4159: attempt to index local 'vTexture' (a number value)
    Outfitter\Outfitter-5.18.4.lua:4159: in function `Function'
    Outfitter\MC2SchedulerLib.lua:242: in function `OnUpdate2'
    Outfitter\MC2SchedulerLib.lua:178: in function `OnUpdate'
    Outfitter\MC2SchedulerLib.lua:20: in function <Outfitter\MC2SchedulerLib.lua:20>

    self = <table> {
    cRidingOutfitDescription = "Equips the outfit when you're mounted"
    cFishingOutfit = "Fishing"
    cFishingOutfitDescription = "Unequips the outfit if you enter combat, then requips it afterwards."
    cCategoryOrder = <table> {
    cFrenchLocalization = "French Localization"
    AskSetCurrent = <function> defined @Outfitter\Outfitter.lua:1677
    UpdateShapeshiftInfo = <function> defined @Outfitter\Outfitter.lua:4200
    cBattlegroundOutfit = "Battleground"
    InheritOver = <function> defined @Outfitter\MC2AddonLib.lua:134
    _SidebarWindowFrame = <table> {
    GetBagSlotItemName = <function> defined @Outfitter\OutfitterInventory.lua:207
    cNewOutfit = "New Outfit"
    OutfitStack = <table> {
    cHerbalismOutfit = "Herbalism"
    cFrostResistOutfit = "Resist: Frost"
    cArenaOutfit = "Battleground: Arena"
    cMissingItemReportIntro = "Missing items (note that a missing item will be listed multiple times if it was used by multiple outfits):"
    GetBagItemInvType = <function> defined @Outfitter\OutfitterInventory.lua:94
    cHunterWildDescription = "Equips the outfit when you are in Wild aspect"
    cABOutfit = "Battleground: Arathi Basin"
    VoidStorageFrameClosed = <function> defined @Outfitter\Outfitter.lua:1278
    SuspendSecureActions = <function> defined @Outfitter\Outfitter.lua:1308
    cUnequipOthers = "On equip, unequip other Accessory outfits"
    cContributingDeveloper = "Contributing Developer"
    FormatItemList = <function> defined @Outfitter\Outfitter.lua:325
    cHalfAlternateStatSlot = <table> {
    inheritOver = <function> defined @Outfitter\MC2AddonLib.lua:134
    ErrorMessage = <function> defined @Outfitter\MC2DebugLib.lua:137
    cFallingOutfit = "Falling"
    cWSGOutfit = "Battleground: Warsong Gulch"
    cDruidCatForm = "Druid: Cat Form"
    cUseEmptyOutfit = "Create Empty Outfit"
    ShowCommandHelp = <function> defined @Outfitter\Outfitter.lua:1615
    cDontChange = "Don't change"
    cAccessoryCategoryDescription = "Accessory outfits have some, but not all, slots specified. You can equip as many accessory outfits at a time as you like."
    GetPlayerStat = <function> defined @Outfitter\Outfitter.lua:6155
    cQuestTurninOutfitDescription = "Use this to automatically equip your bonus XP gear before you turn in quests"
    cBoEsCategoryDescription = "Unopened is a list of items which are still in their original 'Binds on Equip' state."
    GetSummonedCompanionID = <function> defined @Outfitter\Outfitter.lua:7505
    cOutfitBarLargeSizeLabel = "Large"
    cIoCOutfit = "Battleground: Isle of Conquest"
    cWithdrawOthersFromBank = "Withdraw other outfits from bank"
    GenerateSmartUnequipScript = <function> defined @Outfitter\OutfitterScripting.lua:250
    cItemComparisonsOffDescription = "Turn this on to include items from your outfits in tooltip item comparisons"
    cOutfitBarAlphaLabel = "Alpha"
    cBankedItemsLabel = "Banked items: "
    cInZonesOutfit = "In Zones"
    Initialized = true
    cNatureResistOutfit = "Resist: Nature"
    _InventoryCache = <table> {
    DeactivateScript = <function> defined @Outfitter\OutfitterScripting.lua:2009
    TankPoints_New = <function> defined @Outfitter\OutfitterItemStats.lua:612
    _ExtendedCompareTooltip = <table> {
    CursorInFrame = <function> defined @Outfitter\OutfitterUITools.lua:461
    cRebuildFor = "Rebuild for..."
    cFuHideMissingDesc = "Hide outfits with missing items."
    cFinger0SlotName = "First Finger"
    cHunterMonkeyDescription = "Equips the outfit when you are in Monkey aspect"
    cEotSOutfit = "Battleground: Eye of the Storm"
    cAccessoryOutfits = "Accessories"
    LibDropdown = <table> {
    FindOutfit = <function> defined @Outfitter\Outfitter.lua:3192
    ScriptContexts = <table> {
    cOddsNEndsCategoryDescription = "Odds 'n ends is a list of items which are Soulbound but aren't used in any of your outfits."
    cFuMaxTextLength = "Max text length"

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    Nice addon. But unfortunately its addons like this is why blizz breaks things. This and all functionality for friendly name plates are going bye bye in 7.2

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    Anyway to hide the mats in your guildbank? It keeps showing that I have a full stock on some items , but those items are in my gbank. Ie fatty bearsteak I have 90 i want 400 , but there are 400 in my gbank so it never buys me any bearsteak.


    Anyway to also make it so you can ignore alts. id like to keep certian items of a set amount on each , not have to buy them and distribute them if anyway possible.

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    anyway to set up a blacklist or toggle , I dont like to use my bacon on nomi 

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    already have relic helper , but why have 2 addons when you can have 1 , was hoping one of you would merge functionality. cheers mate.

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    anyway of adding the ilvl difference between what relics you have as well? say when I con over a relic it not only shows me the difference in the abilities in my main and off weps , but the ilvl of what i have in there now?

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    cheers mate


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