• posted a message on Nodal Mechanics

    Any chance of adding the ability to add the nodes "nature"?
    I.e. Hungry/Sinister/Pure

    Also the idea of further adding essentia by using jars instead of phials?

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  • posted a message on Thaumic Horizons

    can you add wisps to the functionality of the vat?
    trying to add etherial essence into the vat is a no go.

    Also on an unrelated note, is the the soul sifter take ridiculous ammounts of time?
    As I cannot see the loading icon moving at all, it takes in vi from relays but does not budge.

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  • posted a message on Heart Drop

    Very cool mod

    An excellent addition to any world

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  • posted a message on Dimensional Pockets

    Anyway to retrieve lost pocket blocks?

    I.e. getting peppered by four skeletons into a lava pit

    is the block retrievable or is it gone for good?

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