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    Well, if you look under the tab: "Other Downloads"

    You will see that the first one standing there is a Beta for 1.12 postend on the 11th of June. 


    So i think it should be one for version 1.12 and that the Beta isn't working for me ):

    Anyway thanks for replying.

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    I tried to install "Morpheus" into my server.


    I did put the .jar file into my Plugin folder, after that i started up the server again.

    But.. the server console told me that he couldn't load the .jar file because of an invalid plugins.yml, as you can see below;


    [23:46:02 ERROR]: Could not load 'plugins/Morpheus-1.12-3.3.2.jar' in folder 'plugins'
    org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidDescriptionException: Invalid plugin.yml


    i'm quit a noob in this sort of things and i couldn't find any other information about faillures in minecraft 1.12. Hopefully you can  help me out.  thanks in advance.



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