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    Hi Tuhljin,

    I'd like to add my 2 cents about the toasts. Yes, I like to see them upon initial log-in, as they are good reminders, but they become quite annoying after that. I hop toons constantly in a single play session, so to have them at every toon log-in or UI refresh gets in the way (as others have said, I have to click on the toasts to make them disappear, as they don't fade out on their own).

    Is it possible to have the addon track the initial log-in of a toon per session and be set to not fire after that?

    Thanks for all the hard work, I love this addon!

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  • posted a message on PetTracker

     I would love it if, in addition to a general update, a unique pet counter could be added to the total pet counter. It lets me know how many duplicates I have on my list. Being able to differentiate between the two would be a huge help. Thanks.

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  • posted a message on GatherMate2_Data

     Badly needs an update please!

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  • posted a message on Handynotes_LegionRares&Treasures

    Would like to use this addon, as its more in-depth than others, but it's missing chunks of info here and there. Please update, more than just a toc bump!

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  • posted a message on Collectinator

    Thanks for this addon, it makes AH farming so much easier.

    I've noticed that pets like the Nightmare Bell and a couple of different mounts are missing from their respective lists. Please add!

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  • posted a message on LegionTreasures

    Please check the locations list on this addon, I've been finding many treasures shown on the map don't exist, and discovering treasures out in the wild that the addon doesn't register. This happens in all zones. Really frustrating, please fix!

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  • posted a message on Altoholic

    Hey Thaoky,

    Long-time WoWer here. I've known for ages that it is you alone that makes Altoholic tick & I applaud your work--I couldn't function in WoW without it. I thank you for making it.

    That said, for the exact reasons you yourself state: Live in EU so things are behind, work that keeps you busy, etc., are the very reasons its now time to pull back the curtain & ask for assistance.

    For as long as I've used this addon, I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to have problems crop up with it, read the endless complaints on Curse, only *sometimes* with a fix, but observe radio silence from you except around patch days/ expansion launches.


    That is 6 to 9 MONTHS of non-interaction with you at a time. Quite frankly, it's rude.


    I would hope that you can afford to do a monthly check-in comment, even if just to say "I'm checking tickets & reading the comments, I'm not dead!" Because if there isn't that bare minimum, how are we to know? Otherwise, people speculate that the addon is dead...again.


    You need help with this addon. I'm sure there are Curse folks out there that would be willing to be deputized to handle comments, as well as fix code. Delegation and communication are long past due, in addition to updates.

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  • posted a message on Quest Progress Sound

     Teleport sound firing still needs a fix. My main's a mage, so it's super annoying!

    (Tried #68's suggestion already, no dice.)

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