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    Totally doesn't work. I was REALLY hoping it would, because this is such an awesome and simple idea! But sadly it doesn't work...

    I can set up the shop just fine, but then when I right click a shop, clicking anything closes it.

    I've made it that you give one emerald to get one diamond (just as a test). I have diamonds and emeralds in my inventory. I try to click them to sell, but the trade screen just closes...

    Very saddened.

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  • posted a message on Thaumic Horizons

    Thaumic Horizons is causing a few issues server side.

    Firstly, for some reason it kills NEI if you go directly into the server. This can be fixed by loading a single player world, then going into the server, but is obviously annoying for everyone on the server to have to do every time they ever want to jump on.

    It's also causing crashes to occur when travelling long distances or going into other dimensions. (It does this when TH is installed, and doesn't do it when it's not installed, so I believe it's this mod).


    Here's a crash report when I tried to go into the Twilight with Thaumic Horizons installed on the server. Again, it does not do this when TH isn't installed, which makes me think it's this mod. Either way, the NEI thing is real annoying.


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  • posted a message on Thaumic Bases

    You say you need DummyCore 1.10 or later for this to work, but then you don't give any link to that. I'm trying to find it, and I can't find any DummyCore at all for 1.7.10. Mind providing a link to this thing that's absolutely necessary to get your mod to work? Thanks for the help!

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  • posted a message on BiomeTweaker

    All I did was add this mod, now that game doesn't start up at all......

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  • posted a message on Admin Commands Toolbox

    So the /set spawn is doing nothing for me. It registers that it worked, and the game tells me I've set the spawn, but then when I die, right back to the normal spawn location.

    I've tried exiting the world and going back in, still doesn't work.

    Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

    Also, does this allow for spawning underground, or in buildings? It has a Y value, so I assume it would right?

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