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    Hellooo, is any of the addon devs reading those comments? Thanks for the update, but the transmog spam issue didn't go away.

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    Same thing happens to me.

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    I can confirm it's been happening way before 7.1.5 for me, definitely since the launch of Legion.

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    Hello there,


    Ever since I installed Legion Wardrobe, many new xmogs being added to my list trigger an insane chat spam, like shown on the picture.



    As much as this isn't game-breaking, it's kind of a nuisance, since the spam effectively fills the whole scrollable part of the chat.


    Nonetheless, I'd like to thank you for making this otherwise awesome addon!


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    I have no clue if Atlas Transportation Maps will cover item-related transportation, however I think it's best to list some of them (missing out on the obvious ones like SW teleport guild capes), hoping they might be added to maps.


    1. There is a toy called Ever-Shifting Mirror which provides portals between Outland and Draenor. There are 17 of them, and for those who own this toy, these portals could provide an awesome shortcut while visiting old content.


    2. Scrolls of Town Portal available through the Withered Army Training scenario. There are 5 of them and they point to various places around Broken Isles.


    3. Blessed Medalion of Karabor - teleporting to in front of the Black Temple.


    At this point, these are the only ones I remember, but I'm quite sure there are more.


    Thank you for your time!



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    I'd like to present several ideas/improvements, if I may.


    1. Druid Class Order Hall: 6 is indicated as Rensar Greathoof. 7 is the Seed of Ages. In fact, those two are on exact opposite places. So, right now, where 6 is on the map in Atlas, that's where the seed is ingame.


    2. It's possible someone's already suggested this. Could we have Suramar teleport locations added to transportation maps?


    3. This is more of an improvement. Would it be possible to add coordinates of meeting stones added to dungeon names in Dungeon Locations? While it's still somewhat convenient to roughly know where a dungeon is, it might still help  finding the exact location of some hard-to-find ones.


    Thank you!

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    For some reason, the profession data aren't saved for me. I tried opening the profession window and closing it in every possible way, yet in most cases the data aren't saved. When I log another char and try to open the proff. tab of a different toon, it shows a blank window. Sometimes, only 3 or 4 items can be seen.
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    Some of those suggestion might have appeared, some did, I just wanted to gather them up and add some of mine.

    -Adding more categories of items to destroy. The one I'd especially like to see is consumables. This would prevent cluttering the destroy list.

    -Maybe the possibility to define the destroy-below-ilvl for each category separately?

    -I noticed some types of armor aren't destroyed, bracers I believe, or cloak.

    -A "silent mode", e.g. the possibility of disabling the "Destroying:" chat messages.

    -The ability to sort items alphabetically in the list, or making it so that when items are added, they automatically become sorted alphabetically.

    Thank you.
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    First of all, congrats on making a superb addon. Keep it up.

    I've got a question. Is there a way to separate the buff called "Berserker" which is a result of a weapon enchant proc from the one triggered by a Druid ability? I'd like to see only the one triggered by the ability.
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    Hmm, I've got no idea if anyone reported it, but when I press the "Open all" button on the mailbox window and loot every single mail, the "new mail" icon does not vanish from near the minimap. I need to loot some items manually, then it vanishes.
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