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    A possibly simple question: how do I remove an Equipment Set from the "Gear" tab?

    I tested equipment sets, but as I'm DPS and I only change trinkets I wanted to remove the set and set only the trinket change, but I try to click on set and put the empty one, but it just doesn't work.


    Other than delete the line at "AngryBossReminders.lua" file (inside WTF > realm > your character > saved variables folder)

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    Before Tuesday I used to respec my followers, and for that I put the mouse on the class/spec icon on the follower window, and it showed me the possible counters for each spec. Now, when I put the cursor on the spec icon it shows nothing.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem?

     And of course, thanks for the addon and for the quick fix after 6.2!

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    I searched for an answer, probably didn't search enough, but...

    In Missions of Interest tab, what do these yellow circles (on followers portraits) mean?

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    Is there any way to remove the kinda slow animation on the bars after I lose/gain a big amount of health/resource?

    For example, in boss fights you can receive a single hit for 50% of your health, and the health globe will slowly go to 50% (decreasing the percentage slowly, showing all number from 100 to 50). The same happens with the resource globe, as when we cast a spell or use a skill with high resource cost. In these cases, it's important to know ASAP the new values, and not waiting for the bar to reach this value. In the animation time you can even receive another 50% hit and die.

    Another example for this is when I log in and it slowly fills from 0% to 100%. An option to disable the animation of a big health/resource gain/loss would be awesome, at least for me.

    And another problem I had with the addon was in Kromog battle, in Blackrock Foundry. In the Rune of Crusing Earth phase (when a lot of small hands appear on the ground and get you), the addon scared me two or three times when it showed the low health of the hand, and not the health of my character. Maybe the addon shows the vehicle battle (even though the hand is considered an anemy), so it would be good to have an option to always show player health, not changing to vehicle.


    After all, I found this addon really great, and I'm currently using it, but these points are really annoying for me.

    Edit: if there's any way for me to "do it myself" to solve the first problem, changing the lua code, help will be appreciated. :)

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