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    Any chance to have more compatibility with



    It is kind of bugging out a bit now. :)


    Best reg.



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    After a few hours of agony thinking I'd not get my Weak Aruas back...here is what I found.

    When you update your weak auras addon, some settings are RESET: 

    - Talent specialization
    - Talent selected
    - Spells that previously permanently were visible with the "cooldown(spell)" as trigger, need to be changed to "Action Usable"..as well as other stuff like talent spec and select.

    Phew...thought my hours of work was gone....seems i managed to save it.


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    Works with 6.0.3 with latest Beta release. This addon is by far the FASTEST mail opener program there is. 50 mails takes on average 7 seconds to open and extract if you are in a place with low population like Thunderbluff.

    Works like a charm when i want to extract 1000 glyphs from ah. :D

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    Hello. Is there anyone who has made a working Boquet for Wild Mushroom?

    Now Wild mushroom is cast on a target, and it still holds the AOE range on healing.

    I am looking for a way to make a boquet that can display an icon on everyone in range of the mushroom at any time.

    Mushroom that has been put down does not seem to hold an aura or equivalent..making it harder to track...

    Maybe author know a way?



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    name suggestion:

    "Indicator" or "Ability Indicator"

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    Quote from catonbreak »

    It's strange, I updated to the newest version now to see if I would get the same problem as you guys, and it's working like it should, even if I change specs, since I have auras for individual specs as well.

    Something must've gotten corrupted for you. Try reinstall the addon, inactive other addons that may corrupt, remove SavedVariables, make new Auras. Anything really to try reproduce what causes this problem.

     Edit: This solution on the tickets, seems to help:



    I tried what you suggested already. Havent tried the ticket fix, but i will. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Quote from Sonayahh »

    I have the same problem too. Can´t change any of the working auras.

    Thing is...the addonseems to be broken a bit.

    If you change specialization (change spec) then the WA's disapears.

    In such a case the only way to have them available permanently is to have previously exported all of them to a string, then delete the config for WA and re-import them ...then REMOVE the option for "in combat" as you would otherwise not be able to edit them.

    So far it does not seem like the authors are taking this problem serious, as we have had the "in combat" problem with previous versions too.

    So my tip is simply to backup your WA's after they are ready made, then export them to a string where the WA's in the string are loaded regardless of combat.


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    Quote from Bufe »

    Maybe someone can help.

    In 4.3.4 i had a WA that showed a timer while my tree of life was active.

    One event was active while it was available, one event was activated once i went into tree of life form, and one event activated once it had reached its duration and was on CD.

    The middle even no longer works.

    Here is my string for the 3 events.

    I have a feeling that it may be related to Tree Of Life being an Aura before, but i am not sure.

    Anyone know if it has changed? Should it be Buff now?

    Here is a video of how they worked under 4.3.4, you can see the tree of life one working as intended.  in 5.0.4 the "while tree is active" event is just a frozen number "4" not counting down.


    EDIT!: I figured it out by accident! - I was trying to get Weak Auras to show my events again and had to restore all my events from scratch.  Then i realized when i go into treeform now, the buff i need to track is NOT "Incarnation: Tree of Life" but a separate one coming up called simply "Incarnation" which lasts for 30sec.

    Now my treeform "duration" shows as intended . YAY!.


    Altough..pls fix the "if you change spec you can no longer view WA events set to be "in combat".

    It's really annoying.



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    have you checked the trigger/onload mechanism for the other two?

    try to disable all addons and check the ingame buff / aura for the events if the names have changed compared to before.

    For me the Tree Of Life now was called Incarnation: Tree Of life preventing it from displaying until i renamed the event triggers.

    ...and after the patch, the only way i can track tree of life "duration" is by monitoring the buff/aura that comes up called "Incarnation" NOT "Incarnation: Tree Of Life" since its permanent.

    Could be something similar.

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    seems that everytime you login to a char in a spec that = weak aura spec and class..then the addon will try to quickly fire the events once to check them or something.

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